Jackson Place Complex Photograph Collection, ca. 1988

Jackson Place Complex Photograph Collection, ca. 1988

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Collection No. P21
D.C. Community Archives


There is no deed of gift and it is uncertain as to how the library acquired these photographs.

Scope and Content Note

The collection consists of 31 4"x6" color and photocopied images of the Jackson Place complex. The photographs detail the buildings and its previous masonry and roofing repairs. There are three copies of each image, making the total number of images 93. An envelope at the end of the packet contained the original negative for all of the images, except for the images that are photocopies. Additionally, there are 63 negatives without a corresponding print. The booklet was assembled for the General Services Administration, National Capital Region by the Einhorn Yaffe Prescott Architecture & Engineering, P.C. The booklet is entitled “Section 106 Compliance, Appendix D: Photographs.”

Processing Procedures

Originally the collection was assembled in a three-ring binder that was put together by the General Services Administration. All paper-based materials were removed from the binder, numbered and placed in an archival folder. The images were removed from their original housing. Each image was assigned a number and placed in an individual polypropylene sleeve. The images were then placed in an acid-free folder and stored in an archival storage box. The box was then placed in the D.C. Community Archives for long-term storage. Negatives were assigned a number that directly corresponded to the print and placed in individual archival sleeves. Additionally, the collection name and some intellectual information was added to the sleeve. The negatives were then placed in an archival box and placed in the negative cabinet for long-term storage.


There are no restrictions on viewing this collection and all photographs are in the “public domain,” therefore there are no restrictions on reproduction. Reproductions should appear with the proper attribution indicating that the photograph is housed in the Jackson Place Complex Photograph Collection and indicate that they appear “courtesy of Washingtoniana, DC Public Library.”

Image List

  1. Architectural model of the Jackson Place Complex (Photocopy, 3 copies)
  2. General view of Jackson Place from Lafayette square (3 copies)
  3. General view of Jackson Place upper floors and roofs from Lafayette square (3 copies)
  4. General view of Jackson Place from Lafayette square (3 copies)
  5. General view of the rear of Jackson Place (3 copies)
  6. General view of plaza behind Jackson Place (3 copies)
  7. Rear steps of building #734 (3 copies)
  8. Detail and planter box behind #722 (3 copies)
  9. Typical interior wall damage caused by leaking gutters (3 copies)
  10. East half of #708 parapet wall (3 copies)
  11. Detail of paint on parapet wall (3 copies)
  12. “Walking parapet of #708 from roof of #712 (3 copies)
  13. Failed parging at truncated chimney of #712 (3 copies)
  14. Metal barrel dormers at #712 (3 copies)
  15. Detail of typical patching and repair of #712 (3 copies)
  16. South face of parapet between #708 and #712 (3 copies)
  17. South face of #716 chimney (3 copies)
  18. East facing dormers of #718 (3 copies)
  19. Detail of gutter intersection between #716 and #718 (3 copies)
  20. West-facing mansard roof of #726-A (3 copies)
  21. Typical sealant joint failure of cast stone (3 copies)
  22. East facing dormer cladding at #736 (3 copies)
  23. Built in gutter and gravel-stop details at #734 and #736 (3 copies)
  24. Early surface-rusting at #740
  25. Roof of #744 looking northeast (3 copies)
  26. South end of Jackson Place circa 1920 (photocopy, 3 copies)
  27. Blair-Lee Houses and Renwick Gallery (photocopy, 3 copies)
  28. North face of building #736 circa 1902 (photocopy, 3 copies)
  29. Building #734 and #736 circa 1920 (photocopy, 3 copies)
  30. Building #722 circa 1930 (photocopy, 3 copies)
  31. Jackson Place looking southwest circa 1934 (photocopy, 3 copies)
*Note: Images 2 thru 25 have negatives. Additionally there are sixty-three images without negatives, however no list of these was created. They generally are the same as those included in the booklet, but with out detailed information it was impossible to create a useful list.

Prepared by Mark S. Greek, Photo Archivist, May 2006

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D.C. Community Archives
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