Card Mounted Photograph Collection

Card Mounted Photograph Collection

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Collection No. P25
D.C. Community Archives


Images transferred from the Washington Historic Image Collection in 2006. There is no deed of gift and it is uncertain as to how the library acquired the majority of these photographs. A few images do note donor on the rear of the image.

Scope and Content Note

The collection consists of 33 albumen card mounted portraits. These types of images come in a wide variety of styles and sizes. Among the more popular were the cabinet card and carte de visite (CDV). The majority of the images where mounted on standardized mounts roughly measuring 4¼” x 6½” for cabinet cards and 2½” x 4¼” for the CDVs.

In addition to these formats, there was also an assortment of larger decorative mounts that gained popularity during the Victorian era. The image itself is often an Albumen print, which is a process by which the emulsion was developed on very thin sheets paper, and was then pasted to the cardboard mounts.

Processing Procedures

All images were originally housed with the Washington Historic Image Collection (HIC). During preservation work on the collection, it was decided to transfer these images to the D.C. Community Archives for long-term storage. This move will decrease the likelihood of further damage to the photographs. Those images from the HIC often had a negative created for each image. A sticker containing the negative number was then affixed to the image. Often the number was affixed to the front of the mounting and repeatedly to the image itself. The stickers will remain attached because their removal might cause irreversible damage the image. The images are arranged alphabetically.

Twenty-nine images contained a note stating they came from the “Evans Collection.” Through some research, it was determined that the Evans Collection came to the library in November 1929 in conjunction with four National Rifle scrapbooks. Since all of these men were in uniform and most likely members of the National Rifles and originally donated together as one collection, it was decided that the images should be returned to the National Rifle Collection, D.C. Community Archives Collection 51.


There are no restrictions on viewing the prints from collection. All photographs are in the public domain, therefore there are no restrictions on reproduction. Reproductions should appear with the proper attribution indicating that the photograph is housed in the Card Mounted Photograph Collection and indicate that they appear “courtesy of Washingtoniana, DC Public Library.”

Image List

Name    Date Note Neg. #
Allen, Clarence G. 1883    519
Beall, Seward   With bicycle  848
Bontelle, John     846
Bowerman, Mrs. George F.     N/A
Burnett, Charles   With bicycle 847
Byrnes, Ed     844
Caldwell, Charles H.    Baby 822
Cleveland, Grover   With Allen Thurman and U.S. Capitol N/A
Dean, E. C.      794
Dodge, Charles R.     795
Evans, John A.   In uniform 796
Fellows, H. A.    In uniform  717
Gill, Lancey W. 1885   687
Grannis, Charles G.   In uniform 683
Greeley, A. W.   In uniform N/A
Hawley, C. E.  1882   953
Jenkins, Fred     989
Johnson, Fred L.    With bicycle 988
Johnson, Fred L. 1887 With bicycle 990
Kelly, Ivan   CDV  N/A
Killetts, J. M.      1022
Leaming, Joseph E.      1035
Littell, J. Reed     1037
Manners, E. C.     1161
McCook, Charles M.     1167
Moran, T. Pling 1887   1160
Newman, Ed     8080
Noyes, Theodore W.     1188
Owen, Fred D.      1189
Quinn, M. J.   In uniform  1199
Rule, James F. 1883   1256
Schnider, F. F. 1885    N/A
Sturmey, Henry     N/A
Todd, Weber    In uniform 1283
Tyler, Edward Royall 1889    1284
Way, Will H.     In uniform  1166
Prepared by Mark S. Greek, Photo Archivist, August 2006

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