Stereoview Photograph Collection

Stereoview Photograph Collection

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Collection No. P27
DC Community Archives

Images transferred from the Washington Historic Image Collection in 2006. There is no deed of gift and it is uncertain as to how the library acquired the majority of these photographs. A few images do note donor on the rear of the image.
The Collection consists of 45 Stereoviews depicting various scenes and persons from the District of Columbia. Stereoviews, also called Stereo Cards or Stereotypes, are two nearly identical card-mounted images placed side by side, which when viewed through a stereo viewer or stereograph give the image a three dimensional effect. They were very popular from 1854 through the mid-1930s and often illustrate historic and exotic locations.
Most images were originally housed with the Washington Historic Image Collection (HIC), while others were assembled from various donors. During Preservation work on the HIC it was decided to create one unified collection by transferring the images to the DC Community Archives for long-term storage. This move will decrease the likelihood of further damage to the photographs. Those images from the HIC often had a negative created for each image. A sticker containing the negative number was then affixed to the image. Often the number was affixed to the front of the mounting and repeatedly to the image itself. The stickers will remain attached because their removal might cause irreversible damage the image. The assembled images were each assigned a number, placed in a protective sleeve and then stored in an archival box. An image list was created and is attached.
There are no restrictions on viewing the prints from collection. All photographs are in the “public domain,” therefore there are no restrictions on reproduction. Reproductions should appear with the proper attribution indicating that the photograph is housed in the Stereoview Photograph Collection and indicate that they appear “courtesy of the Washingtoniana Division, DC Public Library.”

Image List

                        Description                                                                         Neg #
  1. Man next to boat with Long Bridge in background
  2. Three children near old capitol prison building
  3. Carriage near Chain Bridge                                                                       7752
  4. Pennsylvania Avenue and US Capitol from Treasury Building  
  5. Washington Monument
  6. Railroad tracks on Long Bridge
  7. Graves at Arlington National Cemetery
  8. Women of the Food Administration during World War I
  9. Soldiers’ Home                                                                                        6406
  10. First Presbyterian Church
  11. Arlington House in Arlington National Cemetery
  12. West Front of US Capitol and Botanic Garden
  13. President William McKinley        
  14. Policeman near Andrew Jackson statue in Lafayette Park
  15. Carriage outside War Department building
  16. Department of Agriculture building        
  17. Interior of Smithsonian Institution                                                              8079
  18. Botanic Garden with west front of US Capitol in background
  19. Smithsonian Institution
  20. Washington Monument from Tidal Basin (colorized)
  21. Cannons on the US Arsenal grounds
  22. US Patent Office building                                                                          4422
  23. Interior of US Patent Office building
  24. US Patent Office building           
  25. Treasury Department building
  26. US Post Office building
  27. Interior of White House – East Room
  28. White House – South side
  29. White house – North front                                                                        7319
  30. White House – South side
  31. Aerial View of US Capitol looking toward Potomac River
  32. US Capitol – East side
  33. US Capitol and proposed Lincoln monument (never built)
  34. Statue of Civilization – East Portico, US Capitol
  35. US Capitol – East side
  36. US Capitol rotunda – Brumidi’s Allegorical Painting
  37. US Capitol rotunda – Brumidi’s Allegorical Painting
  38. House of Representatives Chamber – US Capitol
  39. House of Representatives Chamber – US Capitol
  40. US Capitol – East side
  41. Embarkation of the Pilgrams – US Capitol rotunda
  42. Senate Chamber – US Capitol
  43. US Capitol and proposed Lincoln monument (never built)
  44. US Capitol – East side
  45. East entrance to US Capitol
  46. Pennsylvania Avenue, with US Capitol in background                                    7742

Prepared by Mark S. Greek, Photo Archivist, August 2006

DC Public Library, Special Collections
DC Community Archives
901 G Street NW, Room 307
Washington, D.C.  20001

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