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D.C. Public Library Oral History Project

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Oral History Project 3 

From 1972 – 1992 D.C. Public Library conducted a total of 29 oral history interviews.  Marcia M. Greenlee, former primary consultant of the Oral History Research Center, and Roxanna Deane, former Chief of the Washingtoniana division, organized the project, conducted interviews and trained volunteers to conduct interviews.  Library staff and Washington residents identified participants that had a long association with and/or knowledge of Washington.  The library sought to obtain materials regarding persons, neighborhoods, institutions and events that would enlarge the public’s understanding of the history of Washington, D.C.

This oral history collection occupies approximately 3-1/2 linear feet.  Information includes some autobiographical information but primarily focuses on neighborhoods and communities.  The inventory below outlines the library’s holdings for each oral history interview.  The timed indexes offer an encapsulated version of topics discussed during specific periods of the taped interviews.

The D.C. Public Library holds copyright for the majority of the collection. Reproduction of oral histories without a release is not permitted.


Oral History # Name(s) Timed Index Transcript Supplemental Information
OHP 03-01, 03-02 Thompson, Helen Yes 44 pp  
OHP 03-03 Stone, Phillip J. (see also OHP 19-55) No 19 pp  
OHP 03-04 Stallings, George A., Jr. No No District of Columbia Register – Recognition of Accomplishments; Articles from Catholic Standard 8/14/1980 and Washington Afro-American 8/4/1979.
OHP 03-05 Barnes, Jane G. No 33 pp Article in Washington Afro-American 3/17/1979.
OHP 03-06, 03-07, 03-08, 03-09, 03-10, 03-11 Key, G. R. F. Yes 145 pp (2) Includes job application.
See Literary Arts Program 1975-1976 publication “I Did It Then – A Collection of Oral Histories” p. 12.
See also A Georgetown Childhood 1896-1914.
Cataloged: CityCat 2K (no Index Card available).
OHP 03-12, 03-13 Amos, Benjamin F. No 75 pp 13 trans and xerox copies of trans with labels; articles from various newspapers; Family tree; resume; thank you letter/correspondence.
OHP 03-14, 03-15 Singleton, Louise Amos No 69 pp  
OHP 03-16, 03-17, 03-18, 03-19 Lewis, Harold Yes (2) No Article from Washington Post 6/8/1983.
OHP 03-20, 03-21, 03-22 Cotten, Viola Yes (2) 85 pp Various correspondence; article about death of her son 8/11/1971.
OHP 03-23, 03-24 Gray, Sidney C. (see OHP No 43 pp 1 trans; correspondence; newspaper articles; business cards advertising bus service; Columbia Road newspaper article; District of Columbia Register recognizing his contribution.
OHP 03-25, 03-26, 3-27 Feggans, Edward L. No 112 pp Various correspondence; newspaper articles; bio; Shaw Bulletin.
OHP 03-28 Rappaport, Joseph Yes 33 pp Correspondence; 6 trans; suggested questions for interview; newspaper articles.
OHP 03-29, 03-30, 03-31 Taylor, Frank No 107 pp Correspondence; suggested questions/topics; newspaper articles including bios, obits, and copies of pix from Star; CHS Records Vol 50.
OHP 03-32, 03-33, 03-34 Long, Albert and Annie No 94 pp Correspondence; District of Columbia Register recognition and honor; newspaper article; Benning-Ridge Civic Assoc. Celebration.
OHP 03-35, 03-36 Johnson, Lola Louise Strange No 59 pp Correspondence; District of Columbia Register 93rd birthday recognition; newspaper article.
OHP 03-37, 03-38 Jackson, Marion No 44 pp Correspondence; Suggested topics; District of Columbia Register honor and recognition; newspaper articles.
OHP 03-39, 03-40 Wyckoff, J. Bernard Yes 45 pp Correspondence; newspaper obit in Washington Post 12/3/1985; Georgetown Civic Assoc; autobiography – 2 chapters.
OHP 03-41, 03-42, 03-43 Drew, Joseph L. and Ridgeley, Grace (see also OHP 17-29 for Grace Ridgeley) Yes 90 pp Correspondence; suggested questions for interview; family newsletter; 100th anniversary celebration
OHP 03-44, 03-45, 03-46, 03-47 Walker, James and Barbara Yes 172 pp Correspondence; suggested questions for interview; newspaper articles bios.
OHP 03-48, 03-49 Gregory, Nora Drew Yes 49 pp Correspondence; family tree; bio; articles from various newspapers.
Cataloged: CityCat 2K (no Index Card available).
OHP 03-50, 03-51, 03-52 Blackstone, Lucretia C. (see also OHP 11-2) No No Correspondence; suggested questions for interview.
OHP 03-53 Baer, Ruth No 17 pp  
OHP 03-54, 03-54a King, Helen No No  
OHP 03-55 Frager, Pearl No 41 pp  
OHP 03-56 Perry, Alice No 91 pp  
OHP 03-57, 03-58 Curling, Helen No 80 pp  


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