Latino Youth Community History Project

Latino Youth Community History Project

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Oral History Project 5 

Interviews from this collection have been digitized and are available in Dig DC. 

From 1981 – 1982 the Latin American Youth Center in Washington, D.C., conducted approximately 47 oral history interviews of which 24 were donated to the Washingtoniana division.  The project’s directors were Lisa Wheaton and Lesley Rankin-Hill.  The project was funded by the National Endowment for the Humanities.  High school students conducted the interviews.  These young people participated in training workshops, interview sessions, library research, museum visits, community study projects and photography in order to collect the history of the community’s residents.  This project represents a unique model for the documentation of community history by youth in a multi-cultural setting.

This oral history collection occupies approximately 1-1/2 linear feet.  The project documents general historical information and experiences of Washington’s Latino community.  The inventory below outlines the library’s holdings for each oral history interview.  The timed indexes offer an encapsulated version of topics discussed during specific periods of the taped interviews.  Indexes are in English and Spanish; taped interviews are in Spanish.

The Latin American Youth Center donated this collection to the Washingtoniana division.

The D.C. Public Library holds copyright for the collection.  There are no restrictions on the use of this collection.


Oral History # Name(s) Timed Index Transcript Supplemental Information
OHP 05-01 Garabito, Jasmin Yes (English & Spanish) No Country: Panama
OHP 05-02 Espinel, Cristina Yes (English & Spanish) No  
OHP 05-03 Corona, Frank Shaffer Yes (English & Spanish) No  
OHP 05-04 Rumbeaut, Luis Yes (English & Spanish) No  
OHP 05-05 Suarez, Margarita Yes (English & Spanish) No  
OHP 05-06 Gustavo, Sulvago Yes (English & Spanish) No  
OHP 05-07 Leiva, Antonio Yes (English & Spanish) No Country: Argentina
OHP 05-08 Kaplan, Lori Yes (English & Spanish) No  
OHP 05-09 Patiño, Candida Yes (English & Spanish) No Country: Mexico
OHP 05-10 Carvajal, Lucy Yes (English & Spanish) No Country: Cuba
OHP 05-11 Dávila, Marcela (see also OHP 2-3) Yes (English & Spanish) No Country: Puerto Rico
OHP 05-12 Rivera, Enrique Yes (English & Spanish) No  
OHP 05-13 Struthers, Harry and Houston, Anne Yes (English & Spanish) No Houston: District of Columbia Register – Bio/Ceremonial Resolution 3/15/1983.
OHP 05-14 Orego, Maria Elena Yes (English & Spanish) No  
OHP 05-15 Silvester, Arturo Yes (English & Spanish) No  
OHP 05-16 Gutierrez, Sonia Yes (English & Spanish) No  
OHP 05-17 Martinez, Viterbo Yes (English & Spanish) No  
OHP 05-18 Gonzales, Luis Yes (English & Spanish) No  
OHP 05-19 Pardo, Eddie Yes (English & Spanish) No  
OHP 05-20 Alvarado, Julio Yes (English & Spanish) No  
OHP 05-21 Luna, Casilda (see also OHP 2-24) Yes (English & Spanish) No Country: Dominican Republic
OHP 05-22 Wheaton, Lisa Yes (English & Spanish) No Country: Dominican Republic
OHP 05-23 Salazar, Albertina Yes (English & Spanish) No Country: Peru


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