Washington Entrepreneurs Project of Strayer College – Independent Business Owners Oral History Project

Washington Entrepreneurs Project of Strayer College – Independent Business Owners Oral History Project

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Oral History Project 6

From 1979 – 1981 the Strayer College in Washington, D.C., conducted approximately 24 oral history interviews.  The project’s director was Richard Voelkel, Professor of History, Economics, and Urban Sociology at Strayer.  Companies selected were at least 30 years old and owner-operated.  Voelkel conducted the interviews of the children and grandchildren who are now running the companies.  “The experiences and judgments of the interviewees,” Voelkel notes, “gives us much more than an understanding of particular small businesses.  Collectively, the oral histories provide a valuable insight into the role of small business in the community and a fascinating look at the community itself.”

This oral history collection occupies approximately 2-1/2 linear feet.  The project chronicles Metropolitan area businesspersons and their families. Interviewees were asked open-ended questions on subjects such as founding and development of the business; family involvement in the business (past, present and future); evaluation of local government, financial, and trade association services; involvement in civic and charitable activities; loyalty to the Washington area; and self-assessment of their choice to be an independent business owner.  The inventory below outlines the library’s holdings for each oral history interview.

Strayer College donated this collection to the Washingtoniana division in 1983.

The D.C. Public Library does not hold copyright.  It is the responsibility of the researcher to obtain permission from the Strayer College in Washington, D.C., to publish or exhibit information. Reproduction of oral histories without a release is not permitted.


Oral History # Name(s) Timed Index Transcript Supplemental Information
OHP 06-01 Barrazotto, Henry
Company: Clement’s Pastry Shop (est. 1936)
Type: Bakery
No 25 pp bound w/index Bio in Washington Post 11/26/1987.
OHP 06-02 Bell, Walter
Company: W. Bell & Company, Inc. (est. 1950)
Type: Gifts
No 29 pp bound  
OHP 06-03 Bergmann, Richard
Company: Bergmann’s Laundry & Dry Cleaners (est. 1917)
Type: Laundry / Dry Cleaners
No 27 pp bound  
OHP 06-04, 06-05 Bovello, Anthony P.
Company: Anthony P. Bovello Plumbing (est. 1915)
Type: Plumbing
No 46 pp bound  
OHP 06-06 Donoho, Murray T.
Company: Strayer College (est. 1904)
Type: Business Education
No 51 pp bound  
OHP 06-07 Gevinson, Morris
Company: N. Frank & Sons (est. 1948)
Type: Interior Decoration
No 43 pp bound  
OHP 06-08, 06-09 Gichner, Henry (see also OHP 1-13, 1-14)
Company: Fred S. Gichner Iron Works (est. 1898)
Type: Iron Works
No 61 pp bound w/index  
OHP 06-10 Hall, Ivan
Company: Hall’s Watch & Clock Shop (est. 1946)
Type: Watches / Clocks
No 46 pp bound  
OHP 06-11 Hoye, Schell S.
Company: Hoye, Graves, Bailey & Assoc. (est. 1950)
Type: Accounting
No 44 pp bound  
OHP 06-12 Keller, Irving
Company: Central Business Machines Corp. (est. 1946)
Type: Business Machines
No 14 pp bound  
OHP 06-13, 06-14 Kronheim, Milton (see also OHP 1-23, 1-24)
Company: Milton Kronheim, Inc. (est. 1903)
Type: Liquor Distributing
No 71 pp bound  
OHP 06-15 McGuire, Robert G., Jr.
Company: McGuire’s Funeral Service (est. 1913)
Type: Funeral Service
No 49 pp bound  
OHP 06-16 Michelson, Sidney
Company: Michelson’s Inc. (est. 1906)
Type: Framing / Art Gallery
No 22 pp bound  
OHP 06-17 Peake, Marion
Company: Jerry Peake Company, Inc. (est. 1945)
Type: Antenna Systems
No 36 pp bound  
OHP 06-18, 06-19 Peck, Robert
Company: Bob Peck Chevrolet (est. 1937)
Type: Auto Sales
No 69 pp bound w/index  
OHP 06-20, 06-21, 06-22 Frank, Rich
Company: Rich’s Shoes (est. 1869)
Type: Shoes
No 92 pp bound  
OHP 06-23 Slattery, John
Company: Slattery’s Television & Appliances (est. 1932)
Type: TV / Appliances
No 27 pp bound  
OHP 06-24 Somerville, A. J.
Company: Thomas Somerville Company (est. 1861)
Type: Plumbing Supplies
No 34 pp bound  
OHP 06-25 Stern, Edwin
Company: Stern’s Equipment Company (est. 1907)
Type: Restaurant Equipment
No 42 pp bound  
OHP 06-26 Waters, Fred
Company: F. F. Waters Catering (est. 1950)
Type: Catering
No 35 pp bound  
OHP 06-27 Weschler, William P.
Company: Adan A. Weschler & Son Auctioneers (est. 1895)
Type: Auctioneering
No 33 pp bound  
OHP 06-28 Woodson, Margaret; Woodson, Nelson; and Vernon, Clark
Company: A. P. Woodson Company (est. 1919)
Type: Fuel Oil
No 56 pp bound  

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