Dupont Circle / “Slices of the Pie” Oral History Project

Dupont Circle / “Slices of the Pie” Oral History Project

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Oral History Project 10

From 1984 – 1985 Myra Cherkasky, a George Washington University graduate student, conducted a total of 35 oral history interviews for her masters thesis entitled “Slices of the Pie.”  The Columbia Historical Society of Washington, D.C., conducted an additional 12 oral history interviews in the late 1980s.  This project is a follow-up to Cherkasky’s initial work and covers the rise of Dupont Circle from the 1920s through the 1950s, providing a continuing perspective on the decline of the Dupont Circle neighborhood in the 1960s and then highlights the reemergence of the area as a residential and cultural center in the 1970s.  For more information on this latter project, contact the Columbia Historical Society directly (202) 785-2068.

This oral history collection occupies approximately 3 linear feet.  Interview topics cover the rise of Dupont Circle from the 1920s through the 1950s.  The inventory below outlines the library’s holdings for each oral history interview.

Myra Cherkasky donated the collection to the Washingtoniana division upon completion of her research.

The D.C. Public Library holds copyright for the majority of the collection.


Oral History # Name(s) Timed Index Transcript
OHP 10-01 Aitchison, Beatrice No 26 pp
OHP 10-02 Blackistone, Gertrude E. No 46 pp
OHP 10-03 Blakely, Bernice S. and Credle, Annette S. No 33 pp
OHP 10-04 Broughton, Lavinia H. No 14 pp (2 copies)
OHP 10-05 Brown, Mary and Alice No 24 pp
OHP 10-06 Browne, Inez R. No 31 pp
OHP 10-07 Colbert, Frank No 26 pp
OHP 10-08 Crudup, Emma No 18 pp
OHP 10-09 Daub, Lee S. No 16 pp
OHP 10-10 Eiland, Ernest T. No 17 pp
OHP 10-11 Fitzgerald, Hortense Mrs. No 35 pp
OHP 10-12 Gentry, Helen No 13 pp
OHP 10-13 Gibson, Elizabeth No 12 pp
OHP 10-14 Hill, Nathaniel E. No 15 pp
OHP 10-15 Howard, Dorothy W. No 20 pp
OHP 10-16 Howlett, Harry; Tuthill, Mary; Johnston, Madelene; and Johnston, John No 18 pp
OHP 10-17 Hubbard, Harriet B. No 31 pp
OHP 10-18 Johnson, Joseph L., Dr. No 20 pp
OHP 10-19 McCampbell, Corinne with Wheeler, Walter (nephew) No 26 pp
OHP 10-20 McCarron, Catherine No 30 pp
OHP 10-21 Marshall, Lewis R. No 7 pp
OHP 10-22 Osborne, John W. No 28 pp
OHP 10-23 Parlor, Artie B. No 32 pp
OHP 10-24 Roberts, Gladys S. with Robinson, Edna No 29 pp
OHP 10-25 Thompson-Shepherd, Eunice E. No 42 pp
OHP 10-26 Wallace, Naomi and Long, Ruth No 39 pp
OHP 10-27 Wilfork, Ruby No 19 pp


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