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Your Friday Five

Literary Fashion Blogs That Would Make Blair Waldorf Swoon

Welcome to the Northeast Library blog series Your Friday Five! Each week, the children's and teen staff will round up five of their favorite resources and reads around a certain topic.

This Friday, we are highlighting fashion! Instead of providing you with fashion books that cover style, how to sew, and more, we're throwing a literary twist on it and offering up five blogs devoted to literary fashion. That's right, these sites cover fashionable literary characters, interpretations of literary characters' iconic styles, everyday libraris who might secretly be GQ models, and more!

Take a look and get inspired; Blair Waldorf shouldn't be the only one rocking headbands and patterned tights are this week!

Fiction to Fashion's Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs Inspired Outfit

Fiction to Fashion

This blog is exactly what the title suggests. Each entry is tagged with one of three identifiers -- YA, Classics, or Children's -- so you can only browse YA outfits or whatever classification you feel like drawing inspiration from. Every entry includes links to clothing stores where pieces might be purchased.
Librarian Wardrobe

Librarian Wardrobe

There seems to be this stereotype of librarians as purse-lipped, tight-bunnef, bespectacled, old ladies. This blog takes that stereotype and grinds it to dust. What's great about this blog is that submissions are welcome and encouraged, so if you know of a stylish library employee (ahem, me perhaps?) feel free to submit a photo, with their permission of course, to librarian wardrobe. 
Fashion Book: Eleanor & Park

Looks & Books

The tagline says it all with this one: "Literary Fashion, Fashionable Lit." You get the best of both worlds with the blog, great reads and great style pieces and, every once in a while, the author likes to throw in an outfit inspired by her most recent read.

Check out her take on the eclectic, thrift-shop style of Eleanor from Eleanor & Park.
Game of Thrones Fashion

Fashion Lit

Fashion From Literature takes literary characters and comes up with modern outfits for them, hence the combat boot & lace peplum combo for Tyrion Lannister. What's great about this blog is that they take suggestions and are willing to help people out with projects. They even have a working list of characters they've done!
Calvin and his best friend Hobbes the tiger have many fantastic adventures.  From: Calvin and HobbesBy: Bill Watterson
Shop this Look

The Fashionable Characters

With outfits inspired by everyone from the Ghost of Christmas Past to Linus van Pelt to Eloise, this blog is sure to have you admiring its moderator's attention to detail!
There you have it my fashionable friends, stay classy!

                                                                                                                                         --Whitney J., Youth Services Library Associate