St. Mary’s Court “Never too Old to Learn” Oral History Project

St. Mary’s Court “Never too Old to Learn” Oral History Project

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Oral History Project 12

From 1992 – 1993 Iona Senior Services of St. Mary’s Court sponsored a class entitled “Never to Old to Learn” in which students from the class conducted a total of 6 oral history interviews.  St. Mary’s Court is a senior residence facility in Foggy Bottom located 725 – 24th Street NW, Washington, D.C.

This oral history collection occupies approximately 1/2 a linear foot.  The inventory below outlines the library’s holdings for each oral history interview.  Brief biographical summaries precede transcripts.

Iona Senior Services donated this collection to the Washingtoniana division.

The D.C. Public Library holds copyright for the collection.  There are no restrictions on the use of this collection.


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Supplemental Information

OHP 12-01

Allen, Virginia, Founder and Director of Georgetown Senior Citizens Center, St. John’s Episcopal Church


9 pp

Fourth generation resident of Georgetown. Two photos and article included.

OHP 12-02

Conn, Harry F., Journalist and Part-time Tutor in “Never Too Old to Learn” Class


10 pp

Arrived in Washington around the Adams Morgan area in 1950 after World War II.

OHP 12-03

Gordon, Lillian, Part-time Coordinator of lunch programs and activities provided by Iona Senior Services


10 pp

Native Washingtonian who lived near 4th & Q Streets NW.

OHP 12-04

Johnson, Angel, Resident of St. Mary’s Court.


16 pp

Arrived in Washington from Charlotte, NC in the 1950s.  Lived on N Street NW and 10th Street NW.

OHP 12-05

Jones, Florine, Resident of St. Mary’s Court.


13 pp

Third generation Washingtonian who grew up near 5th and R Streets NW. Photo included.

OHP 12-06

Smith, Louise, Resident of St. Mary’s Court.


13 pp

Native Washingtonian who was born 11th Street NW which once was an “elite neighborhood.” Photo included.


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