Winding Down to Winter

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Winding Down to Winter

With the winter approaching, some people may be settling in for the season.

For some of us, this settling offers a sense of a return to self and an opportunity to reflect on the more fast-paced adventures we undertook during the kinetic summer months. For others, this slowing down is an unwelcome change and can usher in loneliness instead of calm.

For the people who may lean more toward the latter on the reaction scale, sometimes it can be best to take the focus off of yourself. Taking the time to discover a new book and a new person can be the best answer when you are spending more time inside and feel somewhat at a loss. This can be achieved best, in my opinion, with the reading of a book purposefully about someone else: a biography.

There are many great biographies that lend themselves to the bolstering of your own self-confidence and assuagement of the feelings of isolation. Also, humor is almost never a bad thing.

Similarly, it never hurts to see how passion can infiltrate someone’s life and make them someone enjoyable to read about.

Reading one of these books may even inspire you to develop and find your own creative passion. If you have the time and are looking for some people to spend your cold-weather nights with, consider reading one of these biographies about a passionate and interesting human being: Stay warm!