October 31st = Library Snapshot Day

Rosedale Library

October 31st = Library Snapshot Day

What would District of Columbia be like if there were no libraries?  DC Public Library was curious to know what programs, resources and services we provide on a regular basis that our customers appreciate. "Library Snapshot Day," on Friday, Oct. 31, was an opportunity to take a snapshot of a typical day in the life of our District of Columbia libraries. 

On Library Snapshot Day at Rosedale, children ages 4 to 11 convened in the children's area for our paper-plate based mask-making program with Ms. Tea. Upon special request, children were assisted in making a variety of masks -- some had a Halloween theme, other children chose their favorite animals or other characters (see photos).

The mask-making process was organized according to degree of difficulty. Younger children worked from mask templates that required less intricate work. Older children (roughly ages 7 -11) used slightly more deft hands to create their paper-plate based masks from a variety of leftover craft materials with guidance from Ms. Tea. This process captured the essence of a typical program aimed at our Rosedale children and ‘tweens: undeniable enthusiasm, sharing, constant buzz of activity and chatter and pride in a fun craft well executed. 

At the end of the program, each of the remaining children and their chaperones were asked what library means to him or her. Below are some of the responses:
  • "I love the library beauuse there are so many books...and I love to read!"
  • "What I appreciate most about the library is when we get to make things and when we sing"
  • "I like to come hear stories with my friends."
  • "What I appreciate most about the library is when you read to us and when we have snacks"
  • "I like learning new stuff at the library--like that jazz program you did. ["Jazz In My Jammies"--our April Jazz Appreciation program]. That was so fun!
  • "What I appreciate most about the library is all the books I can get with my library card"
  • "I like movies at the library"
  • "I appreciate the library being a part of this neighborhood. We are close by and it's great to be able to bring the children here."
  • "I really appreciate the library for the interactive children's programs like this one. It means a lot to have a free, safe place to bring the children to. I don't have to worry, you know? They can learn and have fun here."
What a wonderfully affirming way to close out the month of October!