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Your Friday Five

Birthday Books

Welcome to Northeast Library blog series Your Friday Five! Each week, the children's and teen staff will round up five of their favorite resources and reads around a certain topic.

This Friday, we are highlighting birthday books! My birthday was three days ago and I'm still in the mood to celebrate.

Here are a few of my favorite books to help you celebrate your birthday, whether it's this week or next year!

Enjoy, friends!

Happy Birthday, Madame Chapeau

Andrea Beaty does it again! Madame Chapeau is a lovely hatmaker who treats herself to a lovely dinner in her best dress and hat for her birthday. The plot thickens when she loses her hat to a crow and wonders how she will have a good birthday ever again. 

The Birthday Queen

The Birthday Queen is exactly that, Queen of Birthdays. She personally tests every game to make sure it's fun, she crafts out-of-this-world invitations, and she has THREE magic wands. Audrey Woods' book is sure to leave you with a warm fuzzy feeling with its surprise twist at the end.

Happy Birthday to You!

This nonfiction book about how the famous "Happy Birthday" song came to be is equal parts informative and interesting. The illustrations are also beautiful.

Happy Birthday, Bad Kitty

Because, cats.

Two Speckled Eggs

It's Ginger's birthday and she's having a party! The only catch is that she must invite all of the girls in her class - even weird Lyla Browning - or none of them. This book is sure to put a smile on your face, because you'll see that all you need is the right combination to make a perfect birthday and a friend.
-Whitney J, Youth Services Library Associate