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Do something you love everyday in January

Fun-a-Day starts Jan. 1, 2015! Pick a project, do it every day in January, and show your work on Feb. 5 at our Fun-A-Day Showcase. To participate in Fun-A-Day, sign up here

It’s not about the numbers, it’s about the action. Few people actually make/do 31 things. Some folks just work everyday on one thing. It’s about starting the year off on a positive, creative note. It’s about committing to making fun a part of your daily schedule. It’s about growing something beautiful in the dead of winter.

Indulge yourself by diving (or easing) into projects or activities you’ve been daydreaming of. Or do something that will make you laugh everyday! Fun-A-Day was started in Philadelphia by the Art Clash Collective and has spread to other cities - see Pittsburgh's project list for inspiration.