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What will you do in 2015?

I have an embarassing confession: my New Year's resolutions never last a month, much less a whole year. Still, I do think the New Year is a valuable time to reflect about what you like -- and dislike -- about your life. This year, instead of trying to make sweeping changes that will probably overwhelm me and doom me to failure, I'm going to start small. This year, I'm going to try to cook more and eat out less in an effort to eat more healthily and save money.

Luckily, the library has lots of great cookbooks to help me stay resolved!

World cuisine

One reason I often eat out is because I want to eat a cuisine I'm unfamiliar with. Still, I know I'll never learn how to cook new dishes unless I try! That's why DCPL's libguide about cooking around the world is so cool - it has information about cookbooks and electronic resources about food from everywhere.

If all those options seem intimidating, you can start with just one cookbook, like Indian Cooking Unfolded by Raghavan Iyer, and just try one recipe until it feels comfortable.

Cooking for beginners

Still freaked out? Me too. Thankfully, there are even cookbooks designed for complete novices; from Easy Gourmet by Stephanie Le to collections like Real Simple's Easy, Delicious Home Cooking to Mark Bittman's series of cookbooks on "how to cook everything", there is a cookbook out there that you can master!

A healthy turn

Are you dedicated to learning to cook to improve your health? Well, there are tons of cookbooks aimed at people with every conceivable dietary need, from diabetic bookbooks to gluten free.

And if you're not on a diet, but just want to focus on eating better generally, we have cookbooks to help with that too, like Ellie Krieger's Weeknight Wonders.

What's your 2015 resolution? What are you going to cook this year? Come to the library and get some ideas!
-Ms. Sho, Children's Librarian