National Poetry Month: Cary Kamarat reads 'Travelwalk'

Georgetown Library

National Poetry Month: Cary Kamarat reads 'Travelwalk'

Celebrate National Poetry Month with travel-related poems

On Saturday, April 25 at 2 p.m., the Georgetown Neighborhood Library will continue its National Poetry Month celebration with a reading from local poet and photographer Cary Kamarat.

Mr. Kamarat is the author of the recent poetry anthology Travelwalk, a collection of travel-related poems and images.

Called "[an] homage to the traveller in all of us," the writings of Travelwalk explore the many facets of life in those "different" times and places all over the world that are at once foreign and strangely familiar. Their lucid imagery, in conjunction with the carefully-selected accompanying photographs, draws readers in, lending a sense of immediacy and intimacy to the experiences related by the book's poetic voice.

Come celebrate the written word by hearing Cary bring a selection of these imaginative, vivid poems to life!

All ages welcome. Refreshments provided.