City Year Volunteers at Chevy Chase

Chevy Chase Library

City Year Volunteers at Chevy Chase

On Saturday February 20th the Chevy Chase Library was pleased to host the City Year Volunteers.

What is City Year?
"City Year unites young people of all backgrounds for a year of full-time service, giving them skills and opportunities to change the world." - from City Year's Homepage

After a tour of the library the members broke off into teams for their assignments. In a little over two hours they shelved almost 1500 books, helping out with the backlog from the past snowstorms. In addition, 10 library cards were issued, books checked out, and much chocolate consumed. This was a great experience, and the staff looks forward to working with them again.

Interested in volunteering at the Library? Not sure how, or what you can do?
Check out our volunteer page!