What Can the Library Offer You?

Petworth Library

What Can the Library Offer You?

Join us for an informative workshop: Know Your Library

What can the library offer you today is a question that you might have asked yourself recently.  A better question, however, might be what doesn't the library offer you? Have you, for instance, ever wondered about the following  topics:
  • Are children's books leveled in the library?
  • How do I pick books for my child based on their age, ability, etc. ?
  • Where can I go for hoework help if I need it?
  • Are there resources that the library provides besides books if I need research help?
  • How do I get an educator's card and what are the benefits?
It's a new year so why not start it off right? Parents, educators and children can join us in an informative workshop on Wednesday, Jan. 14 at 4 p.m. as staff members explain and demonstrate library resources.

Learn more about educational assets that the library provides, such as our databases, homework help and more.

Stop by if you need assistance with personal questions as well: If you ever wondered how to pick a book for child or want more information about reading with them, then we are here to help.

Remember your D.C. library card is your first step towards a threshold of amazing opportunities.

Look for an informative book to get started? Why not try these?