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The Best of Freegal Music

'Black Messiah'

D’Angelo’s new album, Black Messiah, has been released after a 14-year hiatus by the R&B singer, making it his fourth studio album. According to an interview with D’Angelo from the LA Times, this new album is a compilation of politically charged compositions about the recent struggles of power between Black Americans and the police in Ferguson as well as general revolution in all communities around the world.

Although he admits that the title of the album is bold, he does assure listeners that the music is not strictly political, which I found to be true. 

Black Messiah is available through Freegal and includes 12 brand new songs from D’Angelo and his band The Vanguard. The 12 tracks include medleys that conjure up images of 1930’ swing dancers and are reminiscent in style of Gil-Scot Heron’s "The Revolution Will Not Be Televised.”  

Some highlights from the album include "Really Love," which is one of a select few songs on the album whose purpose was solely to re-introduce D’Angelo’s soulful and sultry style, "Another Life," which is a simple but beautiful love song, "The Charade," which is a supercharged political rock and jazz fusion and "Sugah Daddy," which is just fun to listen to.

You can download your favorite tracks from D’Angelo’s new album Black Messiah with your library card, but remember a weekly download allowance of three tracks applies. If you can’t wait, you can stream the entire album for free, it’s worth it!

You can use Freegal on your home computer or laptop by clicking the Freegal link under downloadable media from the DC Public Library website. You can also carry the app with you on your mobile devices; just download it from your carrier’s app store.

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-- K. Guinn