It's Puzzling That Didn't Know This!

Petworth Library

It's Puzzling That Didn't Know This!

Celebrate National Puzzle Day January 29

Puzzles can enjoyed in many forms; from children's books like the Can You See What I See series to common crossword puzzles just about everyone has encountered this activity from time to time. Suduko, a type of number puzzle is just a recent example of how trendy and relevant puzzles continue to be. Puzzles can be enjoyed as a solitary endeavor or a group activity and by every age. Puzzles are stimulating for the mind, but they are also fascinating because they offer a fun challenge.

National Puzzle Day is an opportunity to meet other puzzle enthusiasts. Join us in the Petworth Library Children's room on January 22, 2015 at 4 p.m., as we celebrate this unique holiday. We will feature various puzzle books on display which you can peruse as well as check out. Of course feel free to solve a puzzle or two if they intrigue you. We will also craft our own puzzle to take home; you just have to remember how to solve it! For children aged 6 and up as well as parents and caregivers. 

Ready to start a puzzling adventure? Why not try these great books:

For Children:
Fantastic Book of Logic Puzzles by Muriel Mandell
Riddle Road: Puzzles in Poems and Pictures by Elizabeth Spires 
Mind Twisters: Games, Puzzles and More! by Charles Snape

For Adults:
The World's Most Challenging Puzzles by Chales Barry Townsend
World's Trickiest Puzzles by Charles Barry Townsend