Overlooked Wizard, Ghoul & Dragon Tales

Palisades Library

Overlooked Wizard, Ghoul & Dragon Tales

Looking through the overflowing shelves at the library can be daunting task when searching for that perfect book. In past years, fantasy lovers have bolted straight to the Harry Potter section. But now that the series has come to a dramatic climax and the last movie is due to come out in 2011, what is next for fantasy lovers? Well, hidden inside those shelves is a variety of overlooked ghosts, wizards and dragons. J.K Rowling isn’t the only author who has done a fantastic job depicting the world of ghouls and spells.

Eva Ibbotson is a highly overlooked writer when it comes to the mastery of fantasy. The Secret of Platform 13 is a fantastical romp. Odge is a hag and a most disappointing one at that. She can’t screech or wail and doesn’t appear horrifying in the way that hags are supposed to. But she’s utterly convinced that she can help rescue the kidnapped prince. The quest takes her and her companions into the real world and a fancy, high-end hotel. What happens when bodyguards and fantastical creatures meet? Find out in Ibbotson's classic tale. 

If you are in love with dragon tales, Patricia Wrede’s Dealing With Dragons series is a must. Cimorene is an obstinate princess bored with sewing and curtsying lessons. Before she can be married off to a drab prince, she decides to take matters into her own hands and seek out a dragon. Being the prisoner of a dragon is sure to give her some peace and quiet from these tedious princes for the time being, isn’t it?

Diana Wynne Jones is another author who has garnered a lot of praise in the U.K.. Her tales are stunning epics that follow flying castles and carpets on wild adventures. In The Game, Hayley is sent to stay in an odd house full of her aunts and cousins. Her cousins teach her to play an unusual game involving characters from various myths and stories in a place called the mythosphere. There is something strange about how real the characters are, though, and where her travels through the mythosphere take her.

So don't despair if the loss of Harry Potter has left a dry taste in your mouth. There are many others to take his place. And if you still can't get enough of  Hogwarts, remember that although Harry Potter's saga has come to an end, the author who created him is still out there writing.  

-By Miss Jess