Not Just for Proms Anymore

Palisades Library

Not Just for Proms Anymore

A plethora of Phalaenopsis - a clutch of Cattleyas - Orchids are everywhere.  If you are looking for a break from the sight of dirty snow and damaged foliage, step into the beauty and serenity of the orchid display that opened at the U.S. Botanic Garden this month.  And to learn more about this intriguing and enigmatic plant or to grow the perfect specimen yourself, the following books are available at the District of Columbia Public Library:

Moth Orchids:  the Complete Guide to Phalaenopsis               Steven A. Frowine

Complete Guide to Orchids                                                     Ortho Books

Orchids for Every Home                                                Wilma & Brian Rittershausen

Bloom-Again Orchids                                                                Judy White

The Orchid Thief                                                                       Susan Orlean

Orchid Fever:  a Horticultural Tale of Love, Lust & Lunacy            Eric Hansen