Jacques Bodelle Author Talk

Georgetown Library

Jacques Bodelle Author Talk

Book Hill French Market

Take a break from the Book Hill French Market and learn something, too!

Scientist Jacques Bodelle will speak about his most recent book on Saturday, April 25th at 2 p.m. in the library.

Jacques Bodelle was the Director of a River Authority in France, the Director of the French Geological Survey, the Scientific Counselor of the French Embassy, and the Vice President of Research for a large French oil company. He authored numerous scientific publications and several books including his 2014 history, Petite(s) Histoire(s) des Français d'Amérique [A Brief History of the French in America]. He is an avid painter.

Mr. Bodelle on his new book, Petite(s) Histoire(s) des Français d'Amérique:
Everybody remembers that the French armies under Rochambeau and Lafayette helped the American Revolution succeed. But one should not forget that during more than four centuries, other French people were substantially contributing to the construction of the United States and also to Canada.
My book is not the book a historian would have written. My only goal was to tell the stories of the people whose accomplishments tend to be forgotten.
Copies will be available for purchase after the talk.