Book Bundles Over Break!

Petworth Library

Book Bundles Over Break!

Small collections of books united by theme to inspire family fun!

Looking for ways to keep your child's creative mind engaged over Spring break? Stop by to pick up a thematic book bundle for you and your youngster to enjoy! With a variety of themes to delight and inspire, these book bundles showcase 5-7 fiction and non-fiction printed books, audiobooks -- plus a music CD or DVD -- and range in age-appropriateness from Pre-K to Second Grade.

Examples of themes that can inspire extension activities:

  • "Artsy & Crafty Kids" (make something cool from household recyclables!)
  • "S.T.E.M. Gems: Math-terpieces" (download some math games for fun)
  • "iCelebremos!" (have a fancy family fiesta and fashion show)
  • "Eye Spy and Reply" (build a tricky maze with toys and furniture in your home)
  • "Dinosaurs Galore!" (draw and chart your favorite dinos by size, diet and skin texture)
  • ... and much more!  

Have questions or additional theme requests? Ask for Ms. Tea!

Stop by to check them out!