Animation Unplugged

Petworth Library

Animation Unplugged

A MEDIA SAVVY workshop

There are just two more opportunities for you to participate in this awesome program. The "Animation Unplugged" workshop is a dynamic program created by MEDIA SAVVY's founder Denaise Seals. 

This course is an introduction to the basics of animation and is designed to stimulate recognition, discussion and comprehension of animated cinematic releases and video game technology. "Animation Unplugged" invites animators of all ages and artistic levels to create flip books, thaumotropes and other optical toys. 

Animation blends media literacy, visual arts, and technology education. 

Participants will gain insight into animation production and discover the possibilities of animation as an art form and possible career path. 

Materials will be provided. Just bring your imagination.
In addition to creating these take-home works of art, constructed works will be captured via digital camera and compiled for classroom and online viewing.

Click here to see what participants have already created during the "Animation Unplugged" workshop. 
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MEDIA SAVVY is the arts and education arm of Slingshot Video, a multimedia production company. The instructor, Denaise Seals is a Washington-based Videographer and media artist.