Twenty Plants That Work So Hard You Won't Have To

Tenley-Friendship Library

Twenty Plants That Work So Hard You Won't Have To

In honor of and with advice from Henry Mitchell

To celebrate Earth Day, join garden writer Carole Ottesen for the 2015 Henry Mitchell Gardening Lecture at Tenley-Friendship Library.

Carole Ottesen is a longtime garden writer and photographer who gardens in Maryland and Nova Scotia. She worked on the Time-Life garden series and has written on gardening for the Potomac AlmanacFlower and GardenAmerican NurserymanHortusGarden DesignHorticultureFine GardeningHouse BeautifulOrganic GardeningMartha Stewart LivingAmerican GardenerWashington Home and Garden, and Washington Gardener

Ms. Ottesen's garden books include The New American Garden (1988), Gardening with Style (1988), Ornamental Grasses: The Amber Wave (1989), The Native Plant Primer, (1995), The Herbal Epicure: Growing and Cooking Plants that Heal (2001), and The Guide to Smithsonian Gardens (2011). She is the author of two mysteries, Dying for the Christmas Rose (2012) and Murder House: A Cape Breton Mystery (2014).

Since 1995, the Friends of the Tenleytown-Friendship Library has sponsored annual lectures on gardening in memory of Henry Mitchell, who lived in American University Park and was until his death in 1993 one of America’s great garden writers.

For more than decades Mr. Mitchell was the Washington Post garden columnist. His books include The Essential Earthman (1982), One Man's Garden (1992), and Henry Mitchell on Gardening (1999). Ms. Ottesen has been a faithful reader of Mr. Mitchell’s garden writing for many years.