A Date with the Supernatural

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A Date with the Supernatural

Paranormal Romance Recommendations from Melissa N.

I’m often asked what I read and the answer is: almost everything. However, if you look at my list of books for any given year, paranormal romance would almost certainly outnumber other genres. 

Something about the idea of supernatural creatures having the same relationship issues as regular humans appeals to me. And when you add in the additional problems of a supernatural community, I’m drawn back to this genre over and over. 

If you’re looking to dip your toes into the paranormal romance world, here are a few that I’ve read and enjoyed.

Angels' Blood by Nalini Singh
First in the Guild Hunter series, Angels' Blood pits hunter-born Elena’s stubbornness against archangel Raphael’s power even as they must work together to take down an insane archangel on a killing spree in New York. Elena knows Raphael could crush her like a bug with only a thought, but she refuses to be anyone but the hunter she was born to be. 

Elena is the first human who hasn’t been awed by Raphael in millennia and he finds her unwavering bravery and loyalty fascinating. Singh showcases wonderful world-building that takes regular New York City and overlays it with angels, vampires and hunters. 

Love it? Try Archangel’s Kiss, the next in the series, or Singh’s Psy-Changeling series, starting with Slave to Sensation.
Darkest Night by Gena Showalter
Darkest Night kicks off Showalter’s sexy Lords of the Underworld series and introduces us to the warriors who are cursed to carry the evils that escaped Pandora’s box. In a world where the Greek myths are real and human Hunters seek to destroy the immortals and those who harbor them, Ashlyn has a special gift, or curse depending on perspective, and stumbles upon the home of the Lords of the Underworld where she comes face to face with Maddox, keeper of Violence. 

Can love overcome Maddox’s suspicion, a curse from the gods, and Ashlyn’s past? 

Want more? The second book in the series is The Darkest Kiss. Showalter also has a spinoff series, Angels of the Dark, which begins with Wicked Nights.
Dark Needs at Night’s Edge by Kresley Cole
The fourth full-length book in the Immortals After Dark series, Dark Needs at Night’s Edge will appeal to all the vampire fans out there. Conrad Wroth spent his human life killing vampires only to become one and go mad. When his brothers imprison Conrad in a New Orleans’ mansion in an attempt to bring him back to sanity, he finds company in the form of the mansion’s ghost, Neomi Laress. Neomi was a famous ballerina who was brutally murdered and is now stuck on the property even as she is forced to relive her murder every month. 

Sounds like a match made in heaven, doesn’t it? 

For more books of the Lore, check out Pleasure of a Dark Prince, book eight in the IAD series, or Shadow’s Claim, book one in the IAD spinoff series, The Dacians.  
Cry Wolf by Patricia Briggs
Cry Wolf is the first full-length book in the Alpha and Omega series featuring Charles Cornick, son of the Marrok and born wolf shifter, and Anna, a turned wolf who defies the pack hierarchy. Anna is wary of any alpha wolf after what she’s been through since the change was forced on her. 

Amidst danger in the mountains and on a mission to hunt a rogue wolf, can Charles convince her to give him a chance or will he lose his mate forever? Will Anna be able to trust Charles when he tells her that she’s a valuable Omega wolf? 

Also check out the Mercy Thompson series by Briggs, which is set in the same world but has a different timeframe. The first book in the Mercy Thompson series is Moon Called.
Eternal Hunter by Cynthia Eden
Eternal Hunter launches Eden’s Night Watch series about the Other world that lives unnoticed alongside the human world. Full of shape shifters, demons, and things that go bump in the night, Eternal Hunter features ADA Erin Jerome, who is more than human no matter how hard she fights it, and Jude Donovan, shape shifter and bounty hunter, who wants nothing more than to bring out Erin’s wild side. 

When a stalker begins leaving Erin “gifts," it is up to Jude to stop the Other before he can get to Erin. But will they be able to work together to stop the stalker or will Erin’s secrets lead to disaster? 

Also of interest: Angel Betrayed, first in Eden’s Fallen series. 

Dragon Bound by Thea Harrison
The first book in Harrison’s Elder Races series, Dragon Bound introduces Pia -- a half-human, half-Wyr with a secret that could get her killed -- and Dragos, head of the Wyr demesne and the most-feared shape shifter. When Pia is forced to steal from Dragos’ hoard of treasure, she knows he won’t let it go. What she didn’t expect is for Dragos to trail her to the Elven demesne or the ridiculous attraction that sparks between them. 

Dragos is finding life boring after millennia until someone dares to steal from his treasure. Dragos finds Pia fascinating and anything but boring. Fans of shape shifters will enjoy this funny, action-packed romance.
Pleasure Unbound by Larissa Ione
In Pleasure Unbound, book one in the Demonica series, Tayla, an Aegis hunter, knows she’s not fully human – a fact she hides from everyone, including herself. So when she lands in Underworld General after being attacked by vampires and is patched up by Seminus demon doctor Eidolon, the attraction she feels is not only unwelcoming but dangerous. 

Eidolon doesn’t have a lot of time left before his final maturation cycle and his Seminus side takes over if he doesn’t find his mate. But he is determined to find out who is carving up and torturing demons. If he has to use Tayla to do it, he will – and possibly find out if the sizzling attraction between them means she could be his mate.  

Enjoy Ione’s world of demons? Check out book two in the series, Desire Unchained or pick up Immortal Rider from her Lords of Deliverance series that takes place in the same world. 

Kiss of Midnight by Lara Adrian
Adrian kicks off the Midnight Breeds series with Kiss of Midnight. Lucan Thorne is the leader of the Breeds warriors, vampires who are determined their species will remain secret from humans and who hunt down Rogues, vampires who have given into bloodlust and addiction. Gabrielle is a human photographer with trust issues after being orphaned as a baby and has a birthmark that marks her as a Breedmate, one of the few human women who can have Breed children.

Their attraction is instantaneous but Lucan is on the edge of blood addiction and tries to resist the pull to a mortal -- for losing her would push him over the edge. Can the two overcome their pasts to be together while working to take down the growing Rogue problem in Boston?

Enjoy Kiss of Midnight? Read Kiss of Crimson, book two in the series.

Burn for Me by Ilona Andrews
Kicking off the Hidden Legacies series, Burn for Me takes readers into a world where magic is normal and legacies are built on magical bloodlines and families. Nevada Baylor’s family has built a small but solid detective agency. When the mortgage holder of their family compound blackmails Nevada into taking a case that she knows she won’t survive, her only hope is to convince Conrad Rogan, a magical Prime – the most powerful of magic wielders, to help her against the Prime that she is tasked with stopping.

Conrad is not known as “Mad” Rogan for nothing, however, and it will take everything Nevada has to go toe to toe with him while staying alive and stopping the destruction of a pyrotechnic Prime bent on world domination.

Want more by Andrews? Check out the urban fantasy Kate Daniels series.