Jelly Bean Easter Contest Winner

Northwest One Library

Jelly Bean Easter Contest Winner

Officer Joel Charles

Every Easter, Ms. Perry, a library technician at Northwest One, holds a contest. She fills a jar up with jelly beans and people guess how many are in the jar. Adults and kids alike are drawn to the jar, often asking for a piece of candy, but ultimately entering the contest. It's a great way for us to meet some of our customers!

We have a handful of bike cops who come in the library periodically to check on us and to get out of the cold/heat depending on the season. We are always grateful for a visit from them and were excited to discover that one of them had guessed the closest number of "Jelly Beans in the Jar!"

Officer Joel Charles guessed the winning number of Jelly Beans! He guessed 330 which was very close to the actual number of 339! 

Congratulations to Officer Joel Charles and thanks to everyone who played!

    Ms. Perry and Officer Joel Charles