Your Friday Five

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Your Friday Five

Contains graphic content

We have been getting a slew of new graphic novels in our collection, and it has been thrilling to see some of the most interesting art and writing on our shelves.

As you may know, authors and artists are using this format to explore a wide range of subject matter, ranging from serious fiction to history and biography. They are also using the good old serial comic book form to write wonderful, epic stories every bit as gripping as your favorite TV show or novel.

If you are new to the genre or are looking for a big delicious story to throw yourself into, here are five titles from the graphic novel shelf to consider.

Bill Willingham's ongoing comic book series about archetypal fairy tales exiled to New York City is funny and weird and surprisingly thoughtful about the importance of narrative. If you are a fan of Sondheim's Into the Woods or watch Once Upon a TimeFables may be the graphic novel for you. 

Sweet Tooth
Jeff Lemire draws and writes this strange, post-apocalyptic story about the little boy with antlers named Sweet Tooth. Be prepared, as this story is a bit heavy, but it is a poignant contemplation of vulnerable people surviving in a dangerous world.

Saga may be the title you have heard about since it has been getting lots of attention and rave reviews. Brian K. Vaughan writes some of the most interesting titles in comics today, and this space opera is no less compelling than anything he has written, but the wild and beautiful art by Fiona Staples may be what makes Saga such a truly satisfying read.

East of West
For those who have gotten hooked on SagaEast of West may be your next stop. It's a sprawling sci-fi space-horror-western that will take you into a world like no other. For those who enjoy the realm of Alien and Prometheus and Road Warrior, go East of West next.

Alex + Ada
For those who may like to have more more romance and relationship in their reading, Alex + Ada is a new title that looks at the emerging relationship between a man and the robot woman that his grandmother buys him for his birthday. Definitely in the vein of the current film Ex MachinaAlex + Ada will satisfy those who enjoy a thoughtful exploration of the intersection of humanity and technology.