Non-Stop Page Turners

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Non-Stop Page Turners

Urban Fiction

Urban Fiction are books about street drama, many with characters that are forced into the street life, learning how to survive at a young age. Many of the books feature "mature content."

There are three words that I use to describe these books: non-stop page turners.

While reading these titles, I was at the edge of my seat, ready for the next book in the series or excited to know how the book would end. I enjoyed the details the authors put into their work to build up the climax of the story line. There are few of this series that are still not complete, and I am ready to read the next book when it is released.

Warning: Once you start reading these books you’re not going to put them down until the end.

Ashley and Jaquavis write non-stop page turning series. The Cartel is a five-book series about the Diamond Family. The Diamonds are in control of the streets. Nobody makes any business moves without their permission. The power and control the Diamonds have is tested when their father, Carter Diamond, is murdered. The Diamond children are determined to uphold their father's legacy.

Unfortunately, their father's secret oldest child, Carter Jr., decides to change the game. The children must try to come together, but murder and kidnapping spark feuds. I enjoyed reading The Cartel because it explains how love, loyalty and respect can have a major impact in any relationship.

Murderville by Ashley and Jaquavis is a jaw-dropping trilogy that travels from Sierra Leone to the United Sates. Tragedy brings A'shai and Liberty together and they become determined to leave Sierra Leone to have a better life. The two children think they can find happiness when they meet a woman that promises them a better life in the United States, and lures them aboard the boat, Murderville.

A'shai and Liberty are introduced to a life of drugs and sex trafficking. Both A'shai and Liberty face death, love, and betrayal, but only one of them is destined for a happy life. 

There's a number of shocking moments in the series, but the ending of Murderville shocked me the most.

Ashley Coleman excellently illustrates how true love is tested in The Prada Plan series. Leah is jealous of Yaya because of her beauty, and will try anything and everything to hurt Yaya. She is determined to have Yaya's life no matter what the cost. Even murder.

When Yaya finds her soul mate, Indie, Leah does not like it at all. But Yaya is not going down without a fight. And in the process, Yaya and Leah learn they have more in common with each other than they would like to admit.

Read The Prada Plan series to see if YaYa or Leah gets the Happily Ever After. The Prada Plan series had me at the edge of my seat wondering what is going to happen next.

The White House by Jaquavis Coleman 
How does a simple robbery go bad? Draya is a housekeeper who wants to provide her family with a better life. When Draya's brother gets accepted into college, she knows her maid job is not enough to pay for him to attend. So Draya decides to rob the family who trusts her to clean their house everyday.

Unfortunately, her clear-cut plan goes wrong, and Draya learns the hard way that greed is the root of all evil. The White House is quick read, and the drama begins as soon as you open the book.

The Diamond Life by Alya King 
Celebrity life has its pros and cons. Birdie is a popular rapper and his wife, Alex, is a well-known celebrity ghost writer. Birdie wants the lavish life; Alex likes the simple life. For example, she misses the brownstone house they had in New York, but Birdie moves them into bigger and better house in New Jersey. And Alex and Birdie's marriage is tested when he goes on the road. Is love strong enough to overpower cheating?

While reading The Diamond Life, all I could think about is that saying "Everything that glitters is not gold."

Heist by KiKi Swinson and Da'Nesha Diamond
Two of urban fiction's powerhouse writers share this book. In the novella The Ultimate Heist by Swinson, Shannon Marshall's life is turned upside down when her husband is sentenced to prison. But while in prison, her husband hatches dangerous plan, and she is expected to do the dirty work.

In the second novella, Robyn Banks by Diamond, DEA Agent Jordan Hayes has a secret past that threatens her job security. When Agent Hayes meets sexy criminal Keston Bishop, her secret is no longer safe. The non-stop drama in Heist had me at the edge of the seat.

Green Eye Bandit series by KiKi Swinson 
Tina and Shelby Martin do whatever it takes to survive the seedy underside of Atlantic City, N.J. When Shelby is murdered in front of Tina, Tina is determined to get payback. Taking the law into her own hands, Tina designs a plan to take down the guy that murdered her sister. The homicide detectives realize Tina is not going to help them willingly, so they decided to follow her every move to see if she will lead them to the killer.

Gangsta by K'wan 
Lou-Loc is a known assassin who wants to become a writer. Together with his best friend and fellow gang member, Gutter, they decide to leave Los Angeles and move to New York. Gutter quickly makes his way up in New York thug life and wants to be a kingpin. Lou-Loc reluctantly goes along, but then gets pulled into a turf war. Both men soon learn that they have to fight to achieve their goals, no matter how dangerous the fight may be.

Thug series by Wahida Clark
Angel, Kaylin, Jaz, Kyra, Roz aka Tasha, and Trae soon learn ghetto life and love do not always mix. This six-book series will have you sitting on the edge of your seat. The ladies live double lives and their lies finally catch up with them. Relationships are tested, and lives are turned upside down when they start to question their own beliefs and their lifestyle. However, love for each other gives them the power they need to overcome all the drama in their lives. 

Black Lotus by K'wan  
Detective Wolf is a hot head, known for his selfish ways when it comes to closing a case. When a drug bust goes wrong, Wolf's job is on the line. As a consequence, he is asked to help with a homicide-cold case to find the Black Lotus killer, and bring the killings to a stop. Detective Wolf discovers some truths and some lies about his life, and his mentor in the police department. From beginning to the end of the book, my attention was locked.