Takoma Park's Own Artist!

Takoma Park Library

Takoma Park's Own Artist!

Janelle Ortiz

DC Public Library staff have all kinds of talents and passions and expertise, and sometimes those extracurricular skills intersect with their jobs at the library in a big way. 

In addition to her day (and night) job as a Library Associate in Children's Services at Takoma Park Neighborhood Library, Janelle Ortiz is also an artist. From designing arts and craft programs for kids and adults to exhibiting work for DC Public Library's Banned Books Week celebration, she's found a number of ways to incorporate her passion for art with her mission for public service.

She was recently featured on The Artist & The Librarian, a blog that explores how the arts and libraries intersect. In the post about Janelle, she talks about her process as an artist, what art and literature mean to her, and how her experience as an artist helps her as a library associate at DC Public Library.