Building a Part of Edgar Allan Poe

Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Library - Central Library

Building a Part of Edgar Allan Poe

3-D print team contributes to collaborative sculpture

Our 3-D printers are still busy working away as the Digital Commons team prepares to open the Fab Lab and Studio Lab.

One of our printers just printed out what will become a piece of a 3-D-printed sculpture of Edgar Allan Poe.

It started when one of the 3-D print team members came across a group called We the Builders; they build 3-D printed sculptures through crowdsourcing. The group, based in Baltimore, creates a sculpture and then breaks down the sculpture digitally into pieces and shares them online for anyone with a 3-D printer and a desire to participate in building a sculpture.

Once the 3-D print team found out about the project, we got to work printing out an object to send to help build Edgar Allan Poe. We loved finding ways to share our love of reading and 3-D printing. 

Check out Edgar Allan Poe's work from the collection here in graphic novel form.