The Google Maker Camp is Almost Here!

Petworth Library

The Google Maker Camp is Almost Here!

Who doesn't like science?

Recently, some of the Petworth Library staff attended training at our main branch, Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Library, in order to prepare for the Google Maker Camp. By now, hopefully you have heard about the library's participation in this wonderful program. If not, then know that many of the different branches will be featuring Google Maker Camps this year, in addition to other library-related events like our Summer Reading program.

Google Maker Camps focus on science related experiments for older children and teens that are both fun and informative. The Camp will start on July 6 and continue through Aug. 14. Each location's schedule will be a little different so please check their website for appropriate times; however, Petworth Library will feature the Google Maker Camp every Monday through Thursday from 2:30 p.m. until 4 p.m.

Each week will feature a different theme which are as follows:

Week One: "Fantasy," with a focus on the magic behind the movies.
Week Two: "Funkytown" will give you a chance to live out your musical dreams!
Week Three: The "Farmstead" week will focus on activities involving food, sustainable energy and architecture.
Week Four: A "Fun and Games" week - really? Join us - we make the game and then play it.
Week Five: It's far out adventure in the "Flight" week as we explore all things that zip and zoom above. 
Week Six: What better way to close our camp then to focus on the "Far-Out Future." We'll feature a week of fab fashion using all sorts of materials to help you achieve catwalk fame. 

Teens, if you are participating in summer reading this is a good chance for you to earn your badges!

Check out some of the activities that the staff joined in on: from a scribble bot (a robot designed to scribble randomly across the page) to our attempt to make a hover plane, there were a lots of laughs and some consternation as we learned to take it all in stride if the project didn't work on the first go. Having learned much, we are very excited to share this opportunity with all of our wonderful Petworth patrons - we look forward to seeing you here! Join us on our Google plus page or drop by for more information.