Celebrating Washington's Neighborhoods

Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Library - Central Library

Celebrating Washington's Neighborhoods

Our City Film Festival encore

Did you miss the Our City Festival this year?  You can still see an encore of three of the best indie shorts that local filmmakers have to offer.

Join us on Saturday, July 25 at 11 a.m. for the following powerful and reflective documentary films: 

(2013, 28 mins)

Yi Chen
A special window on the host community of the city's central library. This story of longtime residents in Chinatown, who are struggling to maintain their heritage in the midst of change, is representative of many D.C. neighborhoods. The struggle to find affordable housing, authentic Chinese grocery stores and a sense of community in response to gentrification paints a riveting portrait of this group of seniors. According to the filmmaker's Kickstarter page, "128 backers pledged $7,185 to help bring this project to life." 

Potomac: The River Runs Through Us
(2013, 27 mins)

Peggy Fleming & Sean Furmage
An exploration of how each of us is connected to rivers in our everyday lives. Most of the 6 million people living in the Potomac River watershed don't even know the source of their drinking water. This film follows the flow of the Potomac water from its origin, into our homes and businesses and back into the river. Viewers will learn how to protect this essential resource and why our well being and that of future generations depends on the health of the river. 

Voices from Within
(2014, 54 mins)

Ellie Walton
Three men “found not guilty by reason of insanity” document their lives at St. Elizabeth's Hospital with the help of the filmmakers. For the first time in the history of D.C.'s public psychiatric hospital, St. Elizabeth's, cameras were allowed inside and placed directly into the hands of four individuals in care: Jimmy, Lew, Kevin and Calvin, who have been residents for a combined 160 years. Turning the camera onto themselves, we witness their transformation from examined to examiner. Viewers will witness their daily routines, ongoing struggles with mental illness, isolation, and the seemingly impossible step-by-step process to return to the community.

These screenings will be held in Room A-5, located on the Library's lower level.

Recommended for adults and teens.