Film Screening and Discussion

West End Library

Film Screening and Discussion

"The Greatest Man in the World"

The library will sponsor a screening and discussion of "The Greatest Man in the World," from the American Short Story Collection as seen on PBS and adapted from the classic short story by James Thurber (1894-1961) in celebration of the DC Public Library's summer reading program.

Only the skilled and off-beat humorist Thurber could bring to life a “hero” like Jack Smurch, played by Brad Davis. Fortified with only a gallon of gin and a salami, Smurch bests even Charles Lindberg with the first non-stop, around-the-world flight.  During the four days he's airborne, this unknown kid becomes a world hero.  But, on the ground a young reporter, anxious to tell the world about their new idol, learns Smurch is bad news.  He's an arrogant, illiterate lout with a police record, whose only interests are “parties, broads and dough.” But, the reporter is silenced and Smurch is locked up until the press and politicos can make him into their kind of American hero at any cost.

Come and join us for the screening and for the short discussion afterward.