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Church Folk

Slightly scandalous urban Christian Fiction

There is a genre of fiction that is categorized as Urban Christian. The story lines often reveal emotional and spiritual conflicts within urban church settings. The intensities between the spiritual and secular warfare can range from the horrific to the comedic. Of course, sex and violence heighten the novels’ appeal.

My reaction to these non-stop scandals that are occurring in the church and outside the church is WOW. These authors offer intriguing plots and characters that demonstrate that nobody is exempt from being involved in church scandal.

The Choir Director by Carl Weber
Bishop T.K. Wilson thought he had First Jamaica Ministries functioning smoothly until one fateful Sunday morning, when Deaconess Moss makes a special announcement about the choir director’s scandalous sexual activities with numerous members of the congregation. So, Bishop Wilson hires Aaron Mackie as the new choir director to help neutralize the recent scandal within the church.

However, things do not go as planned because Aaron has few skeletons in his closet ready to bust down the door.

If you like twists and turns and are familiar with church life then you will definitely like this book.

The Deal, the Dance, and the Devil by Victoria Christopher Murray
What would you if you and your spouse are offered $5 million? Well, that offer is brought to Adam and Evia Langston. However, Evia does not like the guidelines of receiving the money because Adam is the key factor in the deal. The Langstons consider the offer because they are having financial issues; they know $5 million would solve all their problems.

Do the Langstons agree to the deal or will they honor their vows and have faith in God’s salvation?

Man Enough for Me by Rhonda Bowen
Jules Jackson has her life under control. Even after committing her life to Christ, she still feels like she is in charge and in control over everything. That is, until she meets handsome Germaine Williams. He totally brings Jules out of her comfort zone. Jules and Germaine are instantaneously attracted to each other and begin to develop a wonderful relationship. But their whirlwind affair comes to a screeching halt when Jules suspects Germaine is involved in some illegal activity.

Did Germaine fool Jules into thinking he was a great man? Are they able to find a way to work things out?

The Reverend Curtis Black Series by Kimberla Lawson Roby
The Reverend Curtis Black series is a 12-book series that is still growing. Reverend Curtis Black is the king of church scandal. He is the founder of Deliverance Outreach, the largest non-denominational church in Mitchell, Ill. Curtis preaches about couples honoring their vows, while he is breaking his own by cheating with several ladies in the church.

Throughout the series, Curtis' cheating and how it affects his family is a central plot concern. From Curtis' discovery of his own wife's cheating, to his daughter cheating on her own pastor husband, this series really shows that what goes around comes around, and often gets passed down.

Up to No Good by Carl Weber
James Black is a 48-year-old successful business owner; father to Jamie and Darnel; a dutiful church trustee; and a hell-bent womanizer who has never been a committed relationship. However, that changes once he meets his daughter's friend, Sandra, and falls in love with her.

Jamie, his 25-year-old daughter, is a daddy's girl and hates every woman he gives attention but she's got her own problems when she discovers that the truth about her live-in, cheating boyfriend, Louis. Adding more oil to the fires, Black’s son Darnel, walks in on his fiancé cheating with his best friend the night before their wedding. One would never guess the events that take place and what happens to all of these characters.