September is Library Card Sign-Up Month

Woodridge Library

September is Library Card Sign-Up Month

Best card ever!

The best card ever!

What’s smarter than a Smarttrip card, more durable than a smart phone, is no-interest bearing card, lasts longer than cash, direct you in locating health benefits and information? A District of Columbia Public Library card of course!

September is Library Card Signup Month. Bring a buddy to sign up for a library card and enter a drawing for a bag of library goodies. You and your buddy will receive a gift at sign-up.

C’mon and get the best card ever and use it for endless possibilities!

Did you know you can use your library card to
  • register to use free meeting rooms at DC Public Library
  • download digital content
  • access legal forms
  • actually listen to a book
  • search your family history
  • access free videos
  • learn a language
  • take an online class
  • legally download free music
.... and, by the way, borrow books?

Getting a DC Public Library card is easy and worth it!