Pick List Picks

Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Library - Central Library

Pick List Picks

You asked for it

Every morning, library staff across the system pull items from a long list to fulfill your hold requests. That list is called the Pick List, and these are my favorites.

Today's Pick List Picks were fulfilled by Adult Information Services at the MLK Library.

McCarthy's Bar: a Journey of Discovery in the West of Ireland
Part travel diary, part homage to self-discovery in a pub, Pete McCarthy tells of his travels in Ireland while always "obeying the rule, 'never pass a bar that has your name on it.'" As you probably guessed, there are a lot of pubs. McCarthy traverses Ireland and reconnects with his Irish heritage meeting eccentric locals and fellow travelers along the way. It's the stuff yarns are made of.

Iceland, Mongolia, Kuala Lumpur & More
You're headed to Iceland, Mongolia, and Kuala Lumpur, and we're guiding you. Travel season is upon us and each day we send out dozens of travel guides to help you find your way. Need a guide but don't want to pack a book? Download one and send it straight to your phone or tablet. Need to brush up on your language skills? Give Mango Languages a try. Safe travels my friends! **Traveling with a DCPL digital or print book? Snap a picture, hashtag #dcpltravels, and send us a screenshot for a prize.**

Hemingway, the Paris Years
When a person reads a book, they are nurturing their mind. By nurturing their mind they become a person. A person must have a mind. A mind is made of history and art and all things beautiful. This book talks of history and art and Paris and is therefore made of minds. Read all about Hemingway's time in Paris writing, indulging, and taking weekend trips to Pamplona to watch the bullfights.

The Great Cat Massacre and other Episodes in French Cultural History
This is a book about a real thing that happened. Apparently, around the time of the French Revolution, apprentices -- suffering inhumane conditions in comparison to the treatment of their masters' cats -- revolted by killing the cats. "The apprentices did this, rounded up all the cats they could find, beat them half to death and held a 'trial'. They found the cats guilty of witchcraft and sentenced them to death by hanging." (I don't know if that last bit is true because it came from Wikipedia.) Vive la France!

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