Beautiful Books about the Beautiful Game

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Beautiful Books about the Beautiful Game

Great Soccer Books at Your Library

Soccer has taken center stage nationally, as the U.S. Women's National Soccer team secured victory at the 2015 World Cup in Canada. While the country celebrated the achievement of the Women's team, allegations of corruption within soccer's governing body, FIFA, left a dark cloud over the sport.  

Nevertheless, soccer continues to gain the support of fans both young and old, particularly in the Nation's Capital, as the D.C. United Soccer club continues to embark on a Major League Soccer championship. Whether you are a new fan or a soccer fanatic, check out these great titles at your local library to increase your understanding of the beautiful game.

Club Soccer 101 by Luke Dempsey
Do you want to find a favorite international soccer team or learn the history about the world's greatest soccer clubs?  Dempsey uncovers the founders, star players, style of play, heated rivalries and culture of 101 of the most popular soccer teams from Africa, Asia, Europe, North America and South America.  

The Complete Book of Soccer by Chris Hunt
A complete guide to the history of soccer, along with background information and profiles of national teams and winners of various international competitions and statistics from every major soccer league in the world.

Futbol!: Why Soccer Matters in Latin America, Professor Joshua Nadel
In Futbol!, Nadel explores why soccer has played a vital role in defining Latin American culture, the role of women in society, racial identity, political ideologies, and how soccer gives a voice to underserved populations.

Solo: A Memoir of Hope by Hope Solo
Hope Solo shares her life experiences and the challenges she overcame to become a world-class goalkeeper for the U.S. Women's National Soccer team.

Money and Soccer: A Soccernomics Guide by Stefan Szymanski
Soccer teams that are able to compete for championships are funded by millionaires, who can secure the services of top international players.  Szymanski, author of the critically acclaimed Soccernomics, provides a companion book with detailed graphs and charts that help fans understand the impact of money on the beautiful game and the globalization of soccer.

Reserve your copy today of one these great titles and get a kick out of reading at your nearest D.C. Public Library.