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Back to School College Prep

High school is usually when students put serious thought into college for the first time. The process of SAT preparedness, choosing a major, career exploration, applying to scholarships, and selecting a school become critical tasks moving toward senior year. During this exciting time, allow your public library to get you started with informative books listed below. 

Peterson's Four-Year Colleges 2015 
A trusted guide for students and parents who are researching colleges and universities across the U.S. This book covers 2,600+ accredited schools while providing information ranging from academic degrees, entrance difficulty, campus setting, cost, student life, and much more. 

Peterson's Two-Year Colleges 2015
Two-Year Colleges 2015 profiles 1,900+ associate level schools for students desiring technical degrees, and a stepping stone to four year institutions. Inside you will find information pertaining to majors, degrees offered, student life, cost, campus setting, and other important considerations. 

Peterson's Master the SAT 2015 
Master the SAT 2015 serves as a comprehensive guide to studying every major subject found on the big test. Flip through this book to find test taking strategies and full length practice tests that promote comfort with the math, writing, and critical reading portions of the exam. 

Peterson's How to Get Money for College 2015 
How to Get Money for College 2015 highlights information for families looking to finance higher education. The title does a great job showcasing various university scholarships, free grants, and loan options for college hopefuls in need of tuition guidance.                  

College Majors Handbook, 3rd edition by Neeta Fogg, Ph.D  
There are many books dedicated to getting students into college, but this particular read targets what you might want to study before choosing a school. In College Majors Handbook, readers learn about areas of focus such as business administration, education, medical science, technology, humanities, the arts, and more. The salaries pertaining to certain degree paths are also discussed giving students a glimpse into prospective career choices.

The African American Scholarship Guide by Amber Classics
A very useful resource for African-Americans seeking scholarships and grants. In addition, the guide gives insight to college prep, essay writing, the financial aid process, career choices, internships, and a listing of historically black colleges and universities. 

College Admission by Robin Mamlet
College Admission speaks to the many components that go into the application process: what colleges look for in a prospective student, finding the right school that fits, comparing financial aid awards, how soon to begin paperwork, and effective entrance writing to highlight several areas. 

Excellence Without Excuse by Charles W. Cherry
Author Charles Cherry is very thought provoking in Excellence Without Excuse as he delivers encouragement and advice to African-American students seeking the college experience. Cherry gives emphasis to several themes ranging from work ethic, motivation, diligence, patience, and a strong support system to help attain success as a young college student in America. 

The Princeton Review College Essays that Made a Difference
This is a very cool take on admissions essay writing where the reader can see essays that were selected by colleges around the country. Many styles of writing are represented in this one book;  the ultimate goal is to stir ideas in the mind of each reader toward creative writing of their own winning piece.