Princess Books That Are A Little Bit Different

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Princess Books That Are A Little Bit Different

Love them or hate them, fictional princesses are a popular theme that has been around for some time. From the Grimm's fairy tales to the Disney princesses, countless princess stories have been told. But if you are tired of this genre and looking for heroines who do more than don pretty gowns, then these children's books may be the stories that you've been waiting for!

The Paper Bag Princess by Robert Munsch is now a classic text, having celebrated its 25th anniversary in 2005.  When her castle burns down, Princess Elizabeth must decide whether her fiancee Prince Ronald is worth saving from a terrible dragon. If you are looking for more texts that highlight feminist topics, why not try The Princess Knight by Cornelia Funke? Sly and tongue in cheek, this princess is definitely not ordinary (she rides a motorcycle!) 

The Monster Princess by D.J. McHale is a sweet tale about a very confused little monster who just wants to be a princess. When she defies her mother in order to try to fit in with human royalty, her mistreatment inspires some growth and confidence in her own scaly self. Princess Peepers by Pam Calvert is another charming tale about a quirky princess just trying to adapt and fit in.  But she learns to embrace her glasses, and by doing so, she wins a dance with the prince.

Princess Hyacinth by Florence Perry Heide stars a girl who literally floats in the air! This poor princess spends all her time floating, much to her frustration. But Hyacinth's friendship with Boy might be just the thing to help this girl put her feet on the ground (sort of). 

The Princess in Black is the latest from Shannon Hale, who wrote the Newberry award winning book Princess Academy. This heroine isn't just a princess, she's also a crime fighter.  The book also contains fabulous graphic illustrations. Princeless, although a graphic novel series, is another adventurous tale. Tired of waiting for her prince, this heroine is looking to create her own story. 
The Princess and the Peas is a grave tale of a girl who contracts a deadly princess complex (parents of Frozen fans may recognize the symptoms.) But when Lily is given a chance to live in a real live castle, she finds that it may not be all that she thought it was.

The Princess and the Pig follows the story of two young girls (really a girl and a female pig) who are swapped at birth. Find out who kisses the frog in this tale, and more importantly, whether that even works in this engaging cross-over version of Sleeping Beauty and The Frog Princess.  
Clearly there is a princess for everyone - it's just a question of finding the right fit (and yes, I'm making a pun on Cinderella). May you find your happily every after with one of these great tales!