Happy National Comic Book Day!

Petworth Library

Happy National Comic Book Day!

Creating Comic Strips with Fankids from Around the Globe

Petworth fankids had a great time discussing  comic books, comic strips, and graphic novels on National Comic Book Day (celebrated September 25th annually)!

A custom-designed template guided the children in the creation of their own colorful, four-panel superhero comic strips. Afterwards, these anxious authors were excited to receive free comic books courtesy of "nice guy" Nick at Big Planet Comics, along with Chipotle meal coupons, DCPL tattoos, and congratulatory stickers.

On another note, this program further demonstrated the DC Public Library's capacity to draw, engage and unify people, young-in-years and the young-at-heart, from all backgrounds. What a pleasure it was to work with a mini United Nations of Petworth area children, representing Columbia, El Salvador, Ethiopia, France, and the USA, who shared an interest in comics and art!