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'All Aunt Hagar's Children'

The November selection of the Chevy Chase Library's Book Club is the DC Reads 'All Aunt Hagar's Children' by Edward P. Jones. We will meet on Tuesday, November 3 at 7 p.m.

In All Aunt Hagar’s Children, fourteen stories describe what life was like for African Americans migrating to and growing up in Washington, D. C.  Edward P. Jones’s characters and scenes come to life with vivid imagery and great attention to detail.  The city embraces them. Many of these characters not only carry burdens of their past but those of previous generations as well.  The story of the Great Migration from the South is part of their history.  They work tirelessly, dream of better lives, and struggle to combat obstacles that stand in their way. In the end, there is light at the end of the tunnel; the darkness is pierced with glimmers of hope.  Fear not, for Aunt Hagar’s children are a tenacious lot. Their roots are planted firmly in the ground and there they shall remain.  Their faith in the power of family will see them through.  They will survive.

Copies are available at the branch and through the catalog.  Digital copies are available through the catalog as well.  
    All Aunt Hagar's Children