October's Tough Topic: Anti-Bullying

Petworth Library

October's Tough Topic: Anti-Bullying

A specially curated selection of materials to facilitate family discussions.

First introduced two years ago by Ms. Tammeric, "Tough Topics" is a monthly series of carefully curated materials covering a specific difficult theme in order to prompt and facilitate important family discussions. All children deserve to be happy, healthy, secure and care-free as they live and learn. However, as life would have it, issues and challenges inevitably come our way and despite our best protective efforts children are not immune to experiencing them as well. Sometimes reading good fiction and non-fiction books with children can help you grapple with tough topics such as adoption, bullying, homelessness, death and divorce in a positive, honest and realistic manner.

October is National Bullying Prevention Month! Ever since 2006, this anti-bullying campaign has helped raise awareness on how to recognize, respond to and prevent bullying before it starts or escalates. All month long Petworth Library has been displaying materials that explore how regular people have dealt with and triumphed over bullying. Below are just some of your options. Click on the link to place a hold on them with your library card. When you receive notice by email you can stop by the children's reading room to check them out! 

I Can Play It Safe (Pre-K-1st) Alison Feigh 
The Ugly Pumpkin (K-2nd) Dave Horowitz
Ellray Jakes is Not a Chicken (1st-4th) Cynthia MacGregor
Bully (2nd-5th) Patricia Polacco
Goodbye Bully Machine (2nd-5th) Debbie Fox and Allan Beane
The Bully Book (5th-7th) Eric Kahn Gale
Life Strategies for Dealing with Bullies (5th- 8th+) Jay McGraw

Additional recommendations---
You can be a STAR! Try these tips to help keep yourself bully-free:
S tick with 1 or more friends. There's better safety in numbers.
T ell the bully to stop! Speak up for yourself and others with confidence.
A lert adults at home and school about the bullying you witness or experience.
R espect others. Treat other people the way you deserve to be treated.

Remember: Petworth Neighborhood Library is a Bully-Free Zone, so such talk and treatment is not allowed.