November's Tough Topic--Adoption

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November's Tough Topic--Adoption

A specially curated selection of materials to facilitate family discussion

November is National Adoption Month! Below I've listed several age-appropriate books that tackle the sometimes tough topic of adoption in interesting ways. Try setting aside 25 minutes with your children to read and have ongoing discussions of these and other topical books. As always, feel free to click the book titles of choice in order to place a hold on each one. You will receive an email when your requested books are available at the library for pick up!

Dragon's Extraordinary Egg (PreK-1) Debi Gliori
We Belong Together: A Book About Adoption and Families  (Pre-K – K)  Todd Parr
I’m Adopted! (Pre-K -2nd) Shelley Rotner
Max and the Adoption Day Party (K - 2nd) Adria Kline
The Best Family In the World  (K-3rd) Susana Lopez
Did My First Mother Love Me?  (K-3rd) Kathryn Ann Miller
Adoption (1st - 3rd) Laurie Willis
Our Gracie Aunt (K- 3rdgrade) Jacqueline Woodson
Just Add One Chinese Sister (K – 3rd) Patricia McMahon
Heaven (4th - 6th) Angela Johnson
Found [The Missing Series] (6th -8th) Margaret Peterson Haddix
The Alex Crow (8th- YA) Andrew Smith

"Tough Topics" is a monthly series of carefully curated materials covering a specific difficult theme in order to prompt and facilitate important family discussions. Reading good fiction and non-fiction books with children can help you grapple with tough topics such as adoption, autism, bullying, homelessness, death and divorce in a positive, honest and realistic manner.