International Games Day @ Petworth Library

Petworth Library

International Games Day @ Petworth Library

(It's time to bring your "A" game!)

More than one thousand libraries around the world will celebrate the 8th annual International Games Day @ Your Library, an annual celebration of games, play, libraries and learning.  On Saturday, November 21, 2015, beginning at 10 a.m., children are invited to Petworth Library to play a variety of games from around the world at the library. Active group games, multi-player table top games and online games will be available for adult-supervised children ages 3 - 9. Library patrons ages 10 and up will have game play options as well.

Global Games and Family Storytime with Early Learners (3 - 6y.o.)--
Hoot Owl Hoot-- (United States) a cooperative color matching strategy board game
"Jacques Dit" or "Simon Dice"--the French or Spanish version of "Simon Says"
"London Bridge Is Falling Down"--the classic British singing circle game that children know and love
...and of course our  Early Learning Computers are available all day!

Global Games with School-Age Children (ages 7-10)
Angry Birds-- (Finland) both the “Action Puzzle Game” online game and the table top game will be available
Blink-- (United States) a faster-than-you-can-blink card grouping game
Global Greetings-- (United States)  a multi-lingual ice-breaker
Mancala-- (Ancient Africa/Middle East) a “Count and Capture Game” considered to be one of the oldest games in the world.

Global Games for Tweens - Young Adults (ages 10 - 15)
Chess-- (Ancient Eastern India/Europe) the time-honored game of military strategy (for players who already know the game)
Darts-- (6th century England) a throwing sport that relies on accuracy and basic skill
Scrabble-- (United States)  the classic word tile game
Uno Spin-- (United States) a different "spin" on the popular group card game

ATTENTION: Petworth Neighborhood Library is registered as an official International Games Day site with and therefore officially eligible for the International Minecraft Hunger Games online tournament. More information about our confirmed tournament participation will be forthcoming if we are selected, so youth ages 10 - 15 years old should notify Ms. Tea at 202-645-8337 (in the 2nd floor Children's room) if they are potentially interested in being global gamers!