International Games Day was a Winner!

Petworth Library

International Games Day was a Winner!

Petworth Library hosted a full day of international gaming on November 21st.

On Saturday, November 21st Petworth Library opened its doors to an enthusiastic group of gamers between the ages of 2 to 17 years old. Throughout the day, the children learned that the many popular games they play actually have international origins.

We began our day with a rousing Family Storytime  with babies, toddlers and PreK friends. Books were read, songs were sung, bodies were boogied and “Simon Dice…” (“Simon Says” in Spanish) was played. Simultaneously, our K – 3rd graders and their families convened in the Lower Level meeting room to play “low and high tech” versions of Angry Birds (Finland), along with a family game of Uno (United States) and a group dance workout with Zumba for Kids (Columbia).

Moving back up to the 2nd floor program room for afternoon play, our school-aged friends (2rd – 5th graders) engaged harmless, funny “smack talk” as they battled each other in games of Jenga (Tanzania-UK), Sudoku Shapes (Japan), Twister and Uno Spin (United States).  Although many of them would have played non-stop throughout the day, we took an hour break, then finished off the day strong with a Tweens & Teens Play Station and Wii (Japan) video game tournament. While some of our enthusiastic spectators awaited their turns at game play, they were encouraged to expend some energy with an active game of Badminton (India).

As an added benefit, during the week, I had the pleasure of sharing the international games display with our visiting groups of second graders. Both the teachers and students were excited to see how many of the games they know and enjoy come from all around the world. "This gives me great ideas for our next geography lesson!" The teacher exclaimed as she and her student discussed the games, their native countries' flags.