A Sense of Snow

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A Sense of Snow

Mysterious Denmark

Visiting Copenhagen, Denmark, is on most people's bucket list. One can find a decidedly less touristy version of Denmark inside the covers of these mystery novels. This tour will probably not include the Little Mermaid or Tivoli Gardens, but it will be fascinating.

"I have a sense of snow," says Smilla Jaspersen, the half Danish, half Greenlander heroine of Smilla's Sense of Snow. She is tough, uncompromising, quirky, independent and brave. Solving the murder of her six-year-old neighbor hinges on what she knows about snow.

Uncertainty, by Michael Larsen, introduces Martin Molberg, who has been accused of murdering his girlfriend, Monique. While trying to find out who the real killer is, Molberg discovers that Monique has been leading a seedy double life. Between the alcohol, the drugs, and the stress, Molberg begins to have trouble deciding what is real.

Helene Tursten's Torso requires the identification of part of a torso that washes up in Goteborg, Sweden. Detective Inspector Irene Huss is sent from Copenhagen to Sweden because she investigated a similar, unsolved case. When a third torso is discovered, the race is on.

Call Me Princess, by Sara Blaedel, takes crime mysteries into the 21st century. The main character, Susanne Hansson, is raped by a man she meets online. While investigating the crime, Detective Inspector Louise Rick adopts the screen name Princess. To complicate matters, the line between Louise's personal and professional lives becomes increasingly blurred and dangerous.

Jussi Adler-Olsen introduced readers to Chief Detective Carl Morck of Department Q in his first book, Keeper of Lost Causes. Morck has never recovered from an incident in which he was shot and two of his colleagues died. When his bosses begin to edge Morck toward retirement by reassigning him to the coldest cold cases, he, much to his surprise, finds a new spark. This is the first in a highly acclaimed series.

A friend gives you a key to a locker at the train station. (Hint: run away!) You discover a naked, drugged, barely alive 3-year-old boy in a suitcase in the locker. (Hint: run far away!) The friend who gave you the key is murdered. (Hint: run away!) Lene Kaaberbol's Boy in the Suitcase follows Nina Borg as she tries to unravel the identity of the boy, where he came from, and where the two of them will be safe.

In Last Good Man, by A. J. Kazinski, murders are happening all over the world. Detective Niels Bentzon is tasked with figuring out how the murders are connected and who is next. Can he keep the next target from becoming a victim?