January's Tough Topics: Prejudice and Peace

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January's Tough Topics: Prejudice and Peace

Several violent acts of prejudice, many involving youth of color and the police, have risen to the forefront of the news over the past few months. Children may not understand if they see present-day protesters out in public, or when they encounter similar images of Civil Rights era discrimination and demonstrations. Children also may be confused by the tension many people still feel when dealing with police officers, the friendly, uniformed, community helpers we teach them to trust and admire.

Check out these books to prompt discussion of this month’s tough topics, prejudice and peace, with your children. These important concepts have been addressed by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and other great authors and activists who advocate for justice!

The Peace Book  by Todd Parr. (PreK – K)
Can You Say Peace? by Karen Katz (PreK – K)
Talk Peace by Sam Williams (PreK – 1)
A Sweet Smell of Roses by Angela Johnson (grades K – 2)
When I Grow Up, I Will Win the Nobel Peace Prize by Isabel Pin (grades K – 2)
Martin's Big Words: The Life of Martin Luther King, Jr. by Doreen Rappaport  (grades K – 2)
Painting for Peace in Ferguson by Carol Swartout Klein (grades K - 3)
Freedom on the Menu: The Greensboro Sit-ins by Carole Boston Weatherford (grades 1 - 3)

A Taste of Colored Water by Matt Faulkner. (grades 1 -3)
Peace Crane by Sheila Hamanaka. (grades 1 – 3)
Seeds of Freedom: The Peaceful Integration of Huntsville, Alabama by Hester Bass (grades 2 -4)
Who Belongs Here? : an American Story by Margy Burns Knight (grades 3 – 5)
Who Was Gandhi? by Dana Meachen Rau (grades 3 - 5)
PeaceJam: a Billion Simple Acts of Peace by Ivan Suvanjieff and Dawn Gifford Engle. (grades 4 – 7)
True Friends by Stephanie Perry Moore. (grades 4 – 6)
On the Wings of Peace, introduction by Sheila Hamanaka (grades 5 – 8)
Here Today by Ann M. Martin. (grades 6 – 8)
Thin Wood Walls by David Patneaude. (grades 7-9)