Gardening in the City

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Gardening in the City

Do you want to have a garden but have limited space? Gardening can be done wherever you live in the city!  You can have fresh herbs, flowers, fruits, and vegetables whenever you need them. Check out a selection of our gardening books:

Small Space Garden Ideas by Philippa Pearson
From balcony rails to tubs to walls, you can create a colorful garden in a small space. If you don't have any exterior space, you can still have greenery indoors. The book provides step by step craft projects with full color photographs and tips for growing and caring for your plants.

Vertical Vegetable Gardening by Chris McLaughlin
Not everything has to be grown in a garden plot! If you have limited exterior space, grow a vertical garden. In this book, find out which vegetables, fruits, and herbs grow best vertically. You'll also learn about various structures for cultivating plants, basics of soil and seeds, tips for maintaining your vertical garden, and more.  Appendixes of gardening terms and resources are included.

The Year Round Vegetable Gardener by Niki Jabbour
Whether it's sunny or snowing, you can grow and enjoy fresh vegetables and herbs all year. In part one, the author explains how to time your planting during the year. In part two, take your pick from a wide listing of vegetables and herbs for your garden ranging from beans to eggplant to winter squash.  Full color photographs and tips accompany the text.

Kitchen Gardening for Beginners by Simon Akeroyd
Want to grow fresh vegetables and fruits for your kitchen and need help getting started?  In the first half of the book, the author describes in ten steps how to set up your garden plot beginning with a site assessment through maintaining the plot. For each of the vegetables and fruits, you'll learn about about the different varieties you can grow and to how cultivate them along with full color photographs. There's also a troubleshooting section about common garden problems.

The Four Seasons Farm Gardener's Cookbook by Barbara Damrosch
You've got your freshly grown vegetables and fruits so it's now time to eat them. This informative book provides both gardening tips and lots of recipes. In part one, you'll learn about soil, layout, when and how to grow crops, and more.  After you've picked from the garden, take a look at the wide selection of recipes covering appetizers to desserts for your table in part two.  Additional resources for gardening are included.

The Indestructible Houseplant by Tovah Martin
If you don't have time for gardening and still want some greenery, try houseplants!  African violet, ferns, ivy, and moss are among the many plants you can grow indoors.  You'll learn the basics of how to grow your houseplants, potting, fertilizing, and more.  Full color photographs are included.