Meet the Artists: DC Punk Archive Library Basement Show

Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Library - Central Library

Meet the Artists: DC Punk Archive Library Basement Show

The Official Q & A

In preparation for the upcoming DC Punk Archive Library Basement Show with local bands Foul Swoops, Thaylobleu and Mission Creep, we asked the musicians a few questions about their literary habits and local music haunts. Check out your favorite bands' favorite books below:

1. What is the one book you would say changed your life after you read it?

Thaylobleu (representative): The Autobiography of Malcolm X
Foul Swoops (representative): The Fall by Albert Camus
Mission Creep: Mark - The Diary of Anne Frank; Laura - The Giver; Katie - Phantom Tollbooth; Brendan - Phantom Tollbooth

2. Name three spots in D.C. where we might find you reading

Thaylobleu: Anacostia Arts Center, Fountains near the Hirshhorn, upstairs in Dunkin Donuts at Eastern Market
Foul Swoops:  The Orange, Red and Green lines
Mission Creep: We collectively narrowed it down to four - Laura's porch, the portrait gallery, the bus, Malcolm X Park
3. What literary character do you most identify with?
Thaylobleu: St. Augustine
Foul Swoops: Myra Breckenridge
Mission Creep: Laura - Garfield; Mark - Andy MacDonald from "Dropping in with Andy Mac"; Katie - Jughead Jones, Carrie's mom in Carrie; Brendan - the body in Stand by Me

4. How do you envision the public library fifty years from now, in 2065?

Thaylobleu: Hopefully full of young people that know how to write in cursive.
Foul Swoops: Dusty, at this rate we're not sure people will still be reading. Very sad.
Mission Creep: Laura - probably kind of the same; Mark - runs on water; Katie - in 4D; Brendan - the last safe haven from mutant trash beasts
5. What is currently your favorite place to see live music in D.C.? Did you have a favorite spot that is no longer around?
Thaylobleu: The Pinch. I used to love: Landsburgh Building (called "the Crib" in the 80's), DC Space, the old 9:30, State of the Union, Metro Cafe.
Foul Swoops: The best places to see music in D.C. are Union Arts and Black Cat. Favorite place that is no longer around is CD Cellar Arlington.
Mission Creep collectively:
Current faves - Hot Tub House, the Pinch, Black Cat, the Chill Factory
Former faves - the Rocketship, the Corpse Fortress
6. What is your favorite band/musician to come out of D.C.?
Thaylobleu: Meshelle Ndege Ocello, Bad Brains
Foul Swoops: Des Demonas, Duke Ellington, Unrest, Half Japanese, The Points, Fat Trel, Black Tambourine, Chalk Circle, Rare Essence, Backyard, Sneaks, P*ssy Galore, The Plums, Cigarette, Root Boy slim, Make-up, Trio Ooo, Young Senators
Mission Creep: Laura - Nation of Ulysses; Mark - Minor Threat; Katie - Marvin Gaye; Brendan - Give
7. Who is one of your all time favorite authors?
Thaylobleu: Baldwin
Foul Swoops:  one? Gore Vidal
Mission Creep: Laura - Ted Kaczynski; Mark - John Darnielle; Katie - Valerie Solanas; Brendan - R.L. Stine

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